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News Clash

Demonic: ‘Woke’ Mom Protects Migrant’s Refugee Status, Not Own Daughter’s Safety

If your Activism is more important to you than being a parent, you have officially failed at life.

When Schumer and the unlimited immigration crowd ask why we care so much about the immigration issue, show them this story.

The Left works very hard to denounce any claim that Sweden has skyrocketing crime rates, especially as it relates to sexual crime. How DARE we mention any correlation between ‘migrants’ and any aggressive sexual behavior.

So this story obviously won’t make the traditional news:

A 45-year-old woman was working in a Swedish refugee center. She had a sexual relationship with a refugee who claims to be 18. (Age is often misrepresented among migrants, to the point that it is being independently verified by their version of ‘dreamers’ who claim to be minors, but aren’t.

Creepy? Sure, but nothing illegal yet.

He had to leave the center once he became an official ‘refugee’, so she took him into her home.

With her 12-year-old daughter. (Can you guess where this is going?)

Within a short period of time, the migrant began sexually abusing the woman’s 12-year-old daughter, kissing and hugging her before one incident in September 2017 when the Afghan put his hands inside the girl’s underwear and groped her vagina.

After the daughter told her mother what had happened, the 45-year-old refused to report the incident to authorities or even to ask the Afghan to leave the home, prompting the daughter to tell her father who then contacted the police.

So, in a choice between protecting her daughter, or protecting this ‘sweet refugee’, she threw her own daughter under the bus. But wait, there’s more.

Why didn’t she report him?

She was afraid he would be sent back to Afghanistan.

No, that isn’t a misprint. Afghanistan. Where there is no current refugee crisis.

The mother also told the victim’s older sisters not to reveal what had happened. Facebook posts were later uncovered showing that even months after the sexual assault on her daughter, the mother described the Afghan as “wonderful” and was attempting to help him find a new home

She was also reportedly a vehement supporter of the #MeToo movement against the sexual assault of women, but not presumably if those women are sexually assaulted by migrants.

The Afghan received just 100 hours of community service for the assault and will not be deported.

And before we’re too quick to write him off as just a kid, consider this.

Clash Quiz: How Many Of Sweden’s ‘Underage’ Migrants Are Actually Adults?

You see, inviting masses of people into a country, without expecting them to be gainfully employed or adopt your country’s values has consequences.

We may want to keep that fact in mind as Schumer makes his immigration demands.’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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