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Disgusting: Eagles Fans Launch Drunken, F-Bomb Laced, Verbal Vomit On Viking Fans

So much for that ‘city of Brotherly love’. You’d think they were wearing a MAGA hat to a Bernie-bro rally.

It’s too bad First Union doesn’t go by that name anymore. They would be perfect for the naming rights to the football stadium in Philly. Because if anything really deserves to be called the F.U. Center, it would be this place.

(And because we gotta explain it to some people… Yes. We know about the hockey arena. That’s the point.)

It’s one thing to have a rivalry and to run your mouth at the other team. It’s something else to be rabidly hostile to people who bought tickets — that help pay YOUR team’s salaries! — just so they can cheer for the visiting team.

Like the losers taking a knee for whatever they think their cause might be, this bravado is fake courage.


You are surrounded by tens of thousands of homers and talking down the other team. You’re practically Braveheart.

Do you really think you’re tough? Test that theory. Wear a MAGA hat on campus. Wear an IDF jacket during an anti-Israel BDS rally. Wear leather to a PETA rally. Or go somewhere else sporting a rabidly unpopular opinion.

There used to be something called respect.

And something called sportsmanship. Vikings Fans have it. Philly’s got a lot to learn.

Trash-talk the other TEAM all you like. But you don’t have to attack the people. They’re just as American as you are.

And in the end, that puts us all on the same team.  Or at least, it should.

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NFL’s TV ratings are plummeting as more players refuse to stand for the national anthem. It’s hard to believe that a nation that has given these players the opportunity to achieve so much is so easily disrespected. Even worse, consider the men and women who have laid down their lives so that these athletes could live in a relatively safe country and enjoy their fame and fortune.

Hard-working, patriotic Americans don’t want to watch a bunch of whiners play football. They want to watch winners.

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