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Disgusting: Pro-Abortion Student Explains Why It’s OK To Kill A 2yr. Old

This college student’s ‘reasoning’ raises real questions about what college kids are learning as well low admissions standards.

This bro says that it’s ok to kill kids under 2 years old because you can’t tell if they’re sentient.

His reasoning is horribly flawed.

Last month, Students for Life of America’s Appalachian Regional Coordinator, Brenna Lewis, recorded an encounter with a pro-choice student, who sought to justify his support for infanticide of two-year-olds. The student attends University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The student claimed that because a two-year-old may not be sentient, that the two-year-old baby does not have the same right to life. He also compared its rights to that of a tree. Because the baby cannot talk, for example, the student argued that it did not have the same rights.
Source: Students for Life</blockquote>

Frankly, I’m wondering if this dude is sentient.

He seems to be another logic-deprived pro-baby killing, leftist Oxygen Burglar.

To all of you students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville — dang.  I’m sorry that this intellectual midget is the representative of your university that folks are going to see.  If I were you, I’d consider a transfer.

Check it out:

I’ve seen kids that could speak when they were very, very young.  Like, freakishly young.  And others, that were later, but suddenly spoke in complete sentences.  Most kids fall somewhere in between in their communication abilities.

Any parent — or anyone that’s been around toddlers for any length of time, for that matter — can tell you that kids can clearly express themselves.

Sure, they may not be fully self-aware or have the language skills to communicate, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate.

If we’re talking self-awareness as a standard, then, according to this college genius, the Democrats ran a euthanasia candidate in the last election.  Yes, my friends, that is ‘What Happened‘.

As well, to extrapolate his thinking, if the technology hadn’t been invented, then Stephen Hawking could’ve been offed a while back when his ALS caused him to lose the capacity to communicate.  Frankly, it’s baffled medical science how he’s lived so long.

The ALS Association says the average lifespan of someone diagnosed with the condition is between two and five years. More than 50 percent make it past year three. Twenty percent make it past year five. From there, the number plummets. Less than 5 percent make it past two decades.

And then there’s Hawking. He has passed that two-decade mark twice — first in 1983, then in 2003.

Source:  The Washington Post

But in this college bro’s world, if Hawking can’t speak, we can’t determine sentience, so…  just nix him like the inarticulate 2-year old.

What’s truly terrifying is this kind of nonsense is what the leftists in academia call intelligence.  This bro might just go on to get a Ph.D. and head a department, to stupidify generations of students.

It’s no surprise that the advocates of killing babies in the womb would make the stretch to infanticide.   If they can’t recognize a baby in the womb as a baby, then they won’t understand this, either.

Besides, it’s long been advocated by Princeton University Ethics Professor, Peter Singer.

But like some ancient Stoic philosopher demanding more punishment, Singer appears to thrive on the antagonism he generates. “My views are perceived to be threatening by a segment of this society, and it’s a segment that comes largely from the Christian viewpoint. And that segment feels in some sense of crisis because it has lost some important battles, notably the abortion battle. I state my opposition to that viewpoint more bluntly than most people do. This is a society that does need to hear some of the things I’ve got to say.

It’s not hard to understand why some people might hate Peter Singer. He believes humans are no different from animals; a chimp could have a greater right to life than a human infant. And sometimes killing human babies, he argues, is the right thing to do.

Source: The Guardian

The Baby Corpse Corps, Planned Parenthood, is also pro-infanticide when you consider their opposition to ‘born alive’ legislation.

Planned Parenthood refused to answer questions about allowing a baby that survived an abortion to be kept alive:

Here are a bunch of college students ignorantly signing a petition to legalize infanticide under the guise of ‘4th Trimester Abortion’.   Some are even told that it was after the 9th month:

The ‘quality of life’ question has been raised to advocate for the termination of Down Syndrome babies in the womb.  It’s being done in Iceland and Denmark.

Here is Frank Stephens addressing Congress speaking for people with Down Syndrome — and for others with no voice, like, say 2-year olds.

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