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Is Our ‘Education’ System Failing To Prepare Our Kids For Real Life?

From grade school through college and beyond, are our kids being prepared for the world of the future? They will be the leaders, so they certainly will need a variety of skills to succeed. Are they getting what they need? The answer to this is a big NO!

Currently, math and reading skills are falling and many children are barely literate. Dave Edwards, a professor at Harvard University, has said that our kids learn within a system of education devised for a world that increasingly does not exist. Many students that graduate with a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree are not prepared to go into the workforce and make a contribution to society.

There is no curiosity, joy in searching for answers to problems, or critical thinking. Why? Because from the minute our kids set foot into the first grade, they are indoctrinated, not guided to think for themselves. Our educational system has turned these kids off. They should be enthusiastic problem-solvers, with tremendous curiosity and flexibility. In addition to poor scores in math and science, students are not being taught about the history of America and our civic institutions. Many schools are more concerned with pushing the study of Islam, transgenderism, and political correctness to the point of absurdity.

In high school and college, students are often fed a steady diet of anti-American, pro-Muslim, socialist lies. These already-programmed kids lose their own identity and become robot-like brainwashed creatures who do not know how to think critically or creatively. Debates and discussions of societal issues are nowhere to be found. Conformity is encouraged, and any opposition to the Liberal talking points is quashed. There is no tolerance found in the former halls of learning. Conservative speakers are banned from the campuses so these young minds only hear one side…that of the left, from their Liberal, often wacky, professors.

Some of the actions at the schools are beyond belief. At Virginia Tech incoming students are required to take Diversity EDU, a Liberal course which is mandatory and which teaches Liberal “logic” and “tolerance”. Any student who refuses to take the course is fined $105 and cannot register for next semester’s classes.

At CSULA, the President of the school cancelled conservative speaker Ben Shapiro’s speech, “When Diversity Becomes a Problem”. However, the event was eventually held as scheduled, but protesters tried to shut it down.

At DePaul University, when Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay, very outspoken conservative speaker appeared, protesters with Black Lives Matter interrupted the event. They shouted, ran on stage, stole the microphone, and threatened to punch Milo in the face. Chants from this crowd included “Feel the Bern”, and “Black Lives Matter”. The security guards, unfortunately, did not intervene for an extended period of time.

At the University of Wisconsin at Madison, conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, had his posters promoting his scheduled appearance vandalized with obscenities and Nazi swastikas.

At Metropolitan State University at Denver, in atheist and socialist Charles Angeletti’s class of American Civilization, students must learn an anti-American spoof of the Pledge of Allegiance. In it is the claim that the US is a Republican-controlled bastion of injustice. According to students, he also spews far-left political comments on a regular basis.

These are just a few examples of the kind of behavior and actions occurring at our colleges and universities, which are perpetrated by the far-left Socialist faculties and administrators. When they are not pushing the progressive agenda, they are making sure that the snowflake students get coddled, so that they have no guts or brains that really think. They have convinced these young people that it’s okay to become devastated, nasty, and even violent when in contact with someone who doesn’t share your politics. Anyone for hot chocolate, puppies, coloring books, or stuffed animals?

Last word: I fear for the future if our educational system doesn’t change. They must stop pushing all the wrong things, and instead help these kids to acquire the knowledge, attitude, and skills to be better Americans, if not leaders. This is a must if the United States of America is to survive.

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Sylvia Andrews

Sylvia Andrews has a Masters Degree in nursing, and has practiced for many years. She is politically active, holds strong opinions about how and where the country should be headed. A well-travelled person, she’s been to almost all 50 states and several foreign countries. She advocates for the Constitution and very much for the 2nd Amendment. She can be contacted at

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