LMAO: Watch Thieving Chick Steal Packages From Porch And Get Hit With Instant Karma

She’s got to be regretting that decision after that turn of events…

A would-be thief in Snohomish County, Washington, was caught on home security video attempting to steal packages left on the porch by the delivery driver.

It all goes south pretty quickly and the attempted robbery turns into a lesson on instant karma.

A man and a woman in a black car spot an opportunity as they drive past and see packages sitting unattended on a porch. They circle back to grab an easy haul — but the woman certainly didn’t see this coming…


It wasn’t such an easy haul after all…

But as the woman ran back to the getaway vehicle she slipped on wet grass and suffers a gruesome leg break.

Her accomplice sees the downed woman and carries the package thief to the car then goes back for the boxes.

Lizeth Ababneh caught the theft on her RING and Nest security system. She said she found the video comical, but the boxes contained medication for her husband.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s office has opened up an investigation into the theft.

The thieves reportedly hit a neighbour’s house too during their stealing spree.
Source: Daily Mail

So, that chick with the broken leg just stole medication.

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