Natalie Portman Experienced ‘Sexual Terrorism’ – Or What We Call ‘Typical Crap Most Kids Go Through’

Published on January 22, 2018

If this qualifies as ‘sexual terrorism’ what would Portman call those young girls sold into sexual slavery by ISIS?

There is one big problem with using emotionally over-the-top descriptions of our personal troubles. It trivializes people who went through actual severe hardships.

Some girls have a male relative slip into their bedroom at night and do unspeakable things to them. Others are living on the streets and trading sexual favors for another day’s survival. What some others experience will be even more extreme than these.

That is the backdrop against which we are measuring Portman’s phrase ‘sexual terrorism’.

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Natalie Portman said that at the age of 13, after starring in her first film, she experienced ‘sexual terrorism’ from fans and the media that impacted the way she went about the rest of her career.

Portman shared the traumatic experience Saturday while speaking to a crowd of thousands of women at the Los Angeles Women’s March.

The Oscar-winning actress explained that she turned 12 on the set of her first film, ‘Leon: The Professional,’ in which she played a young girl who made friends with a hit man in hopes of avenging her parents’ murders.

The French film attracted controversy for its moral ambiguity, with many viewing Portman’s character as a Lolita-esque figure and many were left uncomfortable with the relationship between her and the middle-aged killer, played by Jean Reno.
Source: DailyMail

Sexual Terrorism?

What, was she ‘Weinstein-ed’ or something?

She had a creepy fan letter about his rape fantasy involving her. This was after starring in a film role that cast her in a Lolita-like relationship with a serial killer. (She was 12 during filming.)

Ok, that’s unpleasant, to be sure. But that’s not really in the same category of being physically attacked.

‘A countdown was started on my local radio show to my 18th birthday, euphemistically the date that I would be legal to sleep with,’ she said.

‘Movie reviewers talked about my budding breasts in reviews. I understood very quickly, even as a 13-year-old, that if I were to express myself sexually I would feel unsafe and that men would feel entitled to discuss and objectify my body to my great discomfort.’

From that point on the 36-year-old Harvard graduate said she adjusted her personal and professional behavior to avoid this – even going so far as rejecting roles with kissing scenes.
Source: DailyMail

She was complaining about being ogled and leered at? Ask any girl who was an ‘early bloomer’ if they know anything about that experience in their own school days. Or the late bloomers who get the same attention for the opposite reason.

Or really any girl who didn’t go to an all-girls school.

She was a model before she was an actress.

Actresses, in particular, are so prized largely BECAUSE of their beauty. Hollywood obsesses about it. More and more movies and shows have completely unnecessary (and explicit) sex scenes simply to create a ‘buzz’.

And Portman is surprised — in the appearance-crazed culture that is Hollywood — that people would obsess about her looks?

They did the same count-down thing with other celebrities, too. The Olsen Twins come to mind. There was Brittany Spears and countless others besides.

Our culture is hyper-sexualized. In particular, it is sexualized by feminists who wear genital-themed hats at marches, and claim that promiscuity is ’empowering’.

It is hyper-sexualized in places like the march where she gave this speech.

But when she herself is viewed through the lens of people who have drunk deep of the same Hollywood Culture that made her rich, she’s feeling victimized?

Dearie, don’t blame culture. You — PERSONALLY — helped create it, with a 13yo girl who (in early drafts of the script) was sexually involved with an adult.

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