Unreal: 18yr Old Auctions Her Virginity – The Amount Of Money She Got Is Staggering

Published on January 21, 2018

In this ‘MeToo’ Generation, even Virginity has a dollar value.

Sex, like everything else, is now viewed as a commodity.

And that doesn’t mean just for prostitutes, pole dancers, and would-be actresses.

We have girls as young as sixteen making the decision to saving their virginity — not for marriage. No, that would be ‘backward’. We’re far more ‘Progressive’ now.

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Girls now are selling it to strangers, for six or seven figures.

I wanted a good education so I started looking on the web for ways to finance my studies and I came across a series of auction adverts and found there were girls who had sold themselves for £3.1 million (€3.5 million) so I decided I would do the same when I turned 18.

I hope to get as much as possible to fund my studies, to help my sister and my family and to buy my parents a house.

There are a lot of men interested who are writing to the agency and the highest offer we have at the moment is €1m. ($12M USD)

Source: Unilad

She thinks someone willing to pay such a sum will be ‘gentle’. That’s the word she used. Gentle.

Do you buy it? Or is she dreaming in Technicolor?

I’m quite nervous but I’m also quite confident because if a man is disposed to pay so much for you, he’ll certainly be a kind person. I’m sure we’ll have a great time together.

I haven’t told them I want any type or age. I don’t know how much the agency can show me about him before we meet but I hope before I meet him I can know more about him and speak to him on the phone?

My virginity will go to the highest bidder but if I don’t get on well with him, I will be able to choose another bidder.

I know it hurts a lot so I am a little bit worried about that but I hope it will go well and I’m pretty confident about that.
Source: Unilad

It will all ‘go well’?

She’s pretty confident about that?

Lord have mercy.

What kind of a bubble are we raising our children in that they can have such a Pollyanna ignorance of the world we live in?

We’ve already seen which kind of rich and powerful men are looking for such vulnerable young women, haven’t we?

The girl in this story? She’s got the highest price tag. But there are 4 others like her. On that site. Right now.

Do you think, just maybe, it’s time we rethink some things about our attitudes toward sex?

Like maybe question whether sex is really ‘just another’ natural human urge?

Like maybe the Feminists and Universities who taught our kids that being a Pirate Hooker somehow makes you powerful, or ‘equal to a man’?

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