Dear Feminists: Beautiful Belly Dancer Detained In Egypt For ‘Sexy Dancing’ – What Time’s Your Protest?

Published on February 9, 2018

Since Feminist protesters have become a worldwide movement, surely the pink-hat brigade will stand up for violations of this woman’s rights… won’t they?

Sure, they missed the chance to stand up for the women fighting for their right to NOT wear a Hijab in Iran — and said nothing when Iran’s version of the iconic Tiananmen Square protester disappeared into some anonymous prison.

But this is an issue that really matters to them.

After all — we saw the strippers marching in New Orleans to protests police looking for underage ‘performers’. They are passionate about ‘sex-worker’ rights. Aren’t they?

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So now that a dancer in Egypt has been arrested, they’re sure to take to the streets. It’s just a matter of time.

After all… she wasn’t even taking her clothes off. She was arrested for being too good at her job.

Ekaterina Andreeva, 31, who takes the moniker Gawhara when on stage, was dancing in Giza, north-western Egypt – but apparently it was too provocative.

The crowd appear to be loving Ms Andreeva’s moves as they danced along with her but Egyptian authorities were not so pleased with her act.

With the Trump $100 bill, gift giving just got a whole lot easier.

What’s not to like? They get a gift, and you get to crow about just how good Trump’s first year has been.

It’s win-win, right? Heck yeah.

Where would you get such a wonderful gift? We’re glad you asked.

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Or maybe when you give it, they’re uptight and have no sense of ha-ha.

We’ve got something for that, too.

Give them a book.

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Tell them they can use that Hundred Dollar Bill as a bookmark.

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