Gentlemen: ‘Don’t Donate Sperm!’ Ruth Institute President Urges

Published on February 15, 2018

Press Release: The Ruth Institute

“Donating sperm may sound like a humanitarian gesture, but it could come back to haunt you.” -Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse

February 13, 2018, Lake Charles, LA — Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse urged men not to donate their sperm. “A recent New York case shows what can go wrong. A little girl is in foster care. Her father wants to get her out and take care of her, but the courts are forbidding him to even take a paternity test.”

The backstory:
The man gave his sperm to two women in a same sex union. They drew up an informal agreement where he waived any claims to paternity, custody, or visitation, and the women waived any claim to child support. But, as a newspaper blandly put it, “troubles arose, and they disagreed on his access to the child.”

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The “trouble that arose” was that the women were neglecting the little girl so badly that she was taken into foster care. Now the father is being denied any rights to care for his child.

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Founder and President of the Ruth Institute said, “Men have a natural desire to protect and provide for their children. I cannot imagine how helpless this man must now feel. He evidently absorbed the Grand Gay Narrative that assures us that biology is overrated: any two people who love each other and the child are just as good as any others.”

Morse continued:

If the Grand Gay Narrative is true, a man might logically conclude that agreeing in advance to stand down from active fatherhood was a fine thing to do, costless to himself and his child, and beneficial to these two women. The problem is that the Grand Gay Narrative is false. Biology does matter: both parents and children care about their biological connections.

Morse noted: “Sperm donation is going to be legal for the foreseeable future. The Ruth Institute urges men to get the full story. They need accurate information about the pitfalls of sperm donation before they make a decision they may regret.”

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is Founder and President of the Ruth Institute, which is devoted to defending children and the family. She wrote more extensively about this case in The Stream. To schedule an interview with Dr. Morse, reply to this email.

Image: Excerpted from: photo credit: Foxtongue – egg via photopin (license)


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