Public School’s Are Hellholes: 9th Grader Raped By 3 Boys In Bathroom – 1Boy Is HIV Positive

Written by K. Walker on February 10, 2018

If this doesn’t get you rethinking public school, we’re not sure what will.

An unnamed ninth-grade student has reported to the school and local authorities that she was raped three times on school property on the same day.

Here is the disturbing 411:

A ninth grade student says she was forced to have sex with three different boysone of whom is HIV positive – in a bathroom at her high school.

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The 14-year-old girl, who has not revealed her identity, said that she was anally raped and forced into performing oral sex while in a bathroom at Miami Carol City Senior High School in Miami Gardens, Florida.

The girl told WSVN that the first boy, a fellow student who has not been named, ‘grabbed me by the sweater’ and wouldn’t let her leave the bathroom. He then anally raped her.

When news traveled through the school, she was approached by other ninth-graders for sex. She says that the third time a student asked her for sex was after school. She was supposed to stay late for math tutoring, but the boy asked her to go to the bathroom with him. She says she was then forced to perform oral sex on the boys that were in there.

She wrote in her statement that she was traumatized from the earlier incident of anal rape and that she couldn’t breathe and was crying.

In response, the school district suspended the three boys involved in the incident as well as the girl herself.

The girl’s mother told the WSVN reporter that even though the girl had written that she was choking and crying during the encounter, the school still ‘called it consensual and noted she didn’t scream or run away.’

Obviously, the school doesn’t understand just how paralyzing shock can be.

Watch the local news report:

The girl’s horrifying incident was far from over, however.

After the girl’s report was made, however, the girl’s mother said that an investigator arrived at her house to tell her that one of the three boys who allegedly assaulted her daughter was HIV-positive and that one of the boys has gonorrhea.

Although the girl has started a medication regimen, the girl’s mother said that it will be a year before doctors are able to determine if the teen contracted HIV from the boy who allegedly assaulted her.

‘She’s only 14 years old,’ the mother said. ‘How do you explain to your 14-year-old that she’s gonna have something that she can’t get a cure for?’
Source: Daily Mail

The teen says, ‘I felt like they would really just take the guys’ side, and they would just believe them, leave me out and say that, you know, it was all my fault.

She’s been going through therapy but still has bouts of insomnia. Despite the trauma that she has endured, she is having difficulty convincing the school board to transfer her to a different school.


These school boards are the same ones that say teaching abstinence doesn’t help and that sexualizing children early on is a great idea. Thanks, morons.

Our culture is so messed up.

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