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Rude Democrats Offending Those Who Love America During This Year’s SOTU

It is rare that I will write an op-ed piece, but I must make an exception this week.

The SOTU address by President Trump was a rousing tribute to the recent success of America under the current administration. Those who are feeling the prosperity that has been lacking for the last decade most likely received the speech with cheers. I know I did.

Although Nancy Pelosi did instruct her party members NOT to walk out of the SOTU,, but to let the attention be on Trumps’ “slobbering self.” She later called the message a “self-congratulatory” speech. Spoken like a true loser on a losing team.

Last night, the House was divided into two halves, those who love their country and are happy to see it move forward and those who were unhappy about the current success due to their own anti-American standards and agenda.

This group, who had eight years to do anything positive for America, yet helped no one but themselves.

They were uninterested in enacting the processes for the average American’s prosperity, but ABSOLUTELY DID NOT WANT ANYONE ELSE TO DO IT SUCCESSFULLY EITHER.

This kind of anti- American attitude is offensive to me.

I am a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, delighted that I can be included in their numbers.

I am proud that my ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, as well as the Civil War, for both sides, and subsequent wars to follow.

I am offended that supposed “representatives” of government cannot bring themselves to stand and applaud the success of the economy, or any of the American and foreign heroes that were present last night.

I am offended that they played on their cell phones and pulled ugly faces as a young patriotic man who created a system to see American Flags at the graves of veterans was honored. They showed lukewarm enthusiasm for one of our Army Rangers who tirelessly worked to save a fellow soldier’s life. Neither did they get too excited about an Air Force helicopter pilot who worked eighteen hours in one day to help victims of the hurricane in Texas.

The cop who adopted the child of the heroin addicted mother earned little interest as well.

I am offended that these “representatives” defend and protect, instead of veterans and children in need of healthcare, the DACA group, as well as illegal aliens who turn into gang members of MS 13, instead preferring to fight this fight and shut the government down, rather than work across the aisle to get a reasonable budget deal on the table.

I am offended that these surly faced “representatives” could not even properly show sympathy to the weeping parents of two teenage girls who were brutally killed by members the same gang, or the grieving parents and siblings of Otto Warmbier, who was abused and tortured while in North Korea.

Neither would they acknowledge the rampages of the despot in North Korea, or applaud a young man who scratched and fought his way out of that oppressive country to freedom against all opposition of the rogue regime and his own physical challenges.

It was a moment that brought tears to my eyes for those, like our own forefathers, who wanted to breathe free and live in liberty, when this young man held his crutches high in defiance.

This I can identify as the same struggle against tyranny that led my family to this fair land so long ago and to the creation of our Republic.

These elected officials who acted like spoiled kindergarten kids last night do not represent me.

They do not represent the people who voted for Trump.

Their agenda is for America to have no borders. They want to give amnesty to every person, good or bad, who entered the US illegally, hoping that this will provide them with a pliable, dependent base who will vote for their no policy platform. They have no other recourse for success as many, many voters have seen what little they have to offer and want none of it.

America is a nation of immigrants and we will always welcome those who have followed the outlined path and have something to offer their proposed country.

Truly, there are sufficient laws on the books now on immigration. They just need to be enforced.

DACA is a good program, even though it is not actually a law, for those who were too young to make the decision to come to America. The productive, law abiding candidates should be allowed to stay and find their path and the House should work to put this into law in a way that is beneficial for all involved.

I am happy that this legitimately elected President and his administration is reevaluating trade deals, financial support of countries who do not back the US and anything that is not a positive for America and its people.

If any group actively works against my prosperity and the traditions of the country I am proud to call home, they cannot represent me.

If my fellow American voters feel the same, make yourself heard on November of 2018.

Don’t keep sending “representatives” who do not have your best interests at heart. Be proactive in your future, revere and respect our treasured past.

I know I will.

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Candace Hardin

Candace Hardin resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She is fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin and history. She is a columnist on and has a blog, Originally from North Carolina, her writing and beliefs have been heavily influenced by the Appalachian culture and tradition.

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