Sweden’s Liberal Church Is Going Down The Crapper – Set To Lose 1M + Members!

Written by K. Walker on February 14, 2018

Good. It’s time to end the Christianity without Christ. That way something that espouses REAL Christianity can take its place.

The embracing of leftism and pandering to Muslims isn’t working out so well for the Church of Sweden.

Smart folks that read the Bible can see through these political activism clubs that call themselves churches and want no part of it.

If only the leadership cracked open the Scriptures more than anti-Christian liberal commentaries this wouldn’t even be an issue.

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The Church of Sweden will have to start selling its real estate, suggested research which shows the liberal, left-wing church “will lose well over one million members within a 10-year period”.

Börje Holgersson, chairman of the church council of Lima-Transtrand in Västerås — one of the worst affected by the collapse in church membership — said that the parish “simply can’t afford to make ends meet”.

The reduction of income resulting from dwindling membership has meant the council is considering selling the parish parsonage, a listed heritage building which local media describes as “a unique property which together with the church next door is one of the region’s most picturesque settings”.

Source: Breitbart

Gee, what could be the problem?

It seems that the Church of Sweden isn’t very Christian.

Recently, Swedish Archbishop Antje Jackelén wrote a joint article with the Chairman of the Swedish Council for Imams, Mahmoud Khalfi, and other high-profile figures in the Catholic Church and the Jewish community.

Instead of taking a clear stance against radical Islamism, the article argued that the situation should not be framed as a war between cultures, for fear of offending moderate Muslims. These religious leaders prefer instead to deny that there is a problem with a radical and barbarian Islamic culture at all.

The article also argued for the importance of dialogue, stressed that we all believe in the same God and acknowledged that the Bible also contains violent parts: essentially all the arguments a Muslim fundamentalist would use to deflect criticism from his horrible ideology…

…In one of the roughest times yet for Christians, the leader of the Swedish Church is colluding with Islamists to cover up radical Islamic barbarity.

Source: Breitbart

You wouldn’t want to be ‘intolerant’ now, would you? How ‘liberal’ of them.

It should be noted that Imam Mahmoud Khalfi is praising Swedish politicians for normalizing a relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood, and also cheering on Islamists in Sweden are supporting politicians that further their agenda.

Even the left-tilting Huffington Post makes note of it:

Imam Mahmoud Khalfi at the Stockholm mosque expressed satisfaction that the Islamists in Sweden had achieved a breakthrough with Kaplan’s political career in the Green Party (and thus also in the government). Furthermore, Khalfi praises Swedish politicians for “having normalized the relationship with the Islamic Association which is known for its affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood.” It is worth remembering that Kaplan was not forced out because of having invited anti-Semites into Parliament (like the infamous Yvonne Ridley). It was more of a tactical decision; it didn’t look good that he shared a meal with Turkish fascists. But if this had not been noticed, Kaplan would probably still be in office. This is of course linked to the fact that political parties in Sweden – like in other European countries, such as the UK – have looked away from patriarchal oppression of women and anti-Semitism in their eagerness to score votes among the many Muslim immigrants.
Souce: Huffington Post

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