Watch: The Hags On The View Diss Pence’s Faith In God – This Is Disgusting

Written by K. Walker on February 14, 2018

The coven on The View just don’t stop for a second, do they?

These harpies just cannot control themselves when it comes to their anti-GOP hate.

On Monday, they were complaining that Vice President Mike Pence didn’t show the ‘proper respect’ for North Korea.

They idiotically compared VP Pence’s refusal to stand for the ‘unified’ Korean team *cough* propaganda *cough* to the highly paid athletes taking a knee at NFL games to protest ‘systemic racism’ and the ‘gender pay gap‘.

Just one short day later, the View hosts decide to double-down on the Mike Pence hate and say that the way he lives his Christian faith is a sign of ‘mental illness’.

Speaking of mental illness, watch this liberal drivel:

As obnoxious a partisan hack as Joy Behar is, it seems to me that she is no longer the ‘stupid’ one on this panel. That honor now goes to Sunny Hostin who brought the entire subject up.

That said, Behar isn’t off the hook here.

She says that hearing from Jesus is a sign of mental illness. She just doesn’t understand what it is that Evangelical Christians actually believe.

Behar, who was raised Catholic seems to have no real comprehension of faith of any sort. Odd since she’s so often defending Muslims. She says that she didn’t read the Bible but no longer believes in the truths contained there. She doesn’t pray, she doesn’t believe in an afterlife. She got married in a church. She baptized her daughter — just in case. She says that she was ‘brainwashed’. Honey, you have to first have a thing in order for it to be ‘washed’.

The harpies on The View pushed the same Mike-Pence-is-a-bigot line that is oft-touted in the Media (D).

Mike Pence has not supported electro-shock therapy for gays, no matter how many memes say that he does.

Here’s a thorough article covering that.

Maybe it’s not the Christians that are ‘mentally ill’.

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