Watch: ‘NFL 2018’ Bad Lip Reading Is Hilarious And Probably True

Published on February 6, 2018

Our favorite was probably the question the ref was asked, about ‘getting his fangs sharpened’.

Although ‘anyone got a harpoon? I need a harpoon’ was pretty good too.

And the ref telling us a little too much about his personal life.

Really, there are a LOT of funny ones.

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After a whole season of Americans having tuned out for the games, the guys over at ‘Bad Lipreading‘ found a way for the football stars to actually entertain us.

That may officially make them ‘miracle workers’. And this wasn’t just the Super Bowl, either. They’ve got footage and teams from the whole season. Probably even whichever team you used to cheer for!

Even if it only manages to make you grin, it still sure as HELL beats listening to Kimmel repeat all of Chuck Schumer’s talking points.

If you haven’t seen their work before, (it’s possible that there are still 3 or 4 who haven’t yet) here’s how it works.

You get real footage — in this case, of players, refs and coaching staff — and make them say silly stuff that looks like it might fit what they are actually saying.

See for yourself:

There’s some real excitement about decorating…

A friendship riding on a change in clothing choices…

One guy complaining about the lack of wheels — on a stationary bike…

The shopping spree he’s going to go on with the money is a little … unusual. I mean, where will he even DRIVE those things?

Some new prospects introduce themselves — like ‘Fresh Ambassador’, or ‘Baldy McNut’. And some others, well…

Even the Cheerleaders got in on it.

Eagles’ Nick Foles got ‘interviewed’. (

“My bone must have cracked” (with sound effects)

Fan cheering ‘schism clonk’!

And what the hell was that guy with the beard doing to his tongue? Just STOP it!

This isn’t even half of them. Some of them are kind of silly, some are full-on hilarious.

Related, Doug Giles weighs in on the Super Bowl:


Even if you’re not watching the game… these guys can entertain you.

Just not in their own words.

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