Austin Bomber V. Parkland HS Massacre: Austin Law Enforcement Were On The Ball, Bad@ss And Brave

Published on March 22, 2018

This is ‘One of best law enforcement responses we’ve seen at the “Federal, State and local level’

Think back to the Florida school shooting. Remember how pissed you were each and every time you heard about yet another time ‘the system’ failed those students.

The School Resource Officer, Scot Peterson, stood outside with his gun, this while students and staff were dropping like flies, some even sacrificing their own lives to save others. And the audio proved that his original story was a lie.

And we heard about all those visits from the cops.

The Obama-approved Liberal policy to not refer criminal behavior to the police if it happens on school property.

The decision NOT to ‘Baker-Act’ (‘commit’) Cruz.

The parade of errors went on… and on… and on. It was nightmarish.

But Austin was different. It was amazing.

Despite the heckling they and the president were getting over their responses, they were proactive and they got the job done.

They found a lead they could use. They followed it back to the source. They located the killer and pulled him over before he could plant that seventh explosive.

He blew himself up.

Good riddance.

Then they managed to access his phone, find his 25-minute confession, match it to the devices he had made (which law enforcement had already confirmed were related) ruled out racial, religious and political motives and gave us more answers than we have had reason to expect so soon after the guy got caught.

Well done.

Austin’s finest, indeed.

Somebody buy that crowd a round of drinks. They’ve earned it!

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