Dear CNN & Trump Haters: Without God’s Grace … You’d Probably Boink Stormy Also

Written by Doug Giles on March 29, 2018

Don’t get too comfortable up on that high horse, because Doug and Rich just might knock you off of it.

In the time since that porn star became a household name, became fashionable to clutch pearls about sexual sins.

The people most interested in pushing this story have literally zero interest in upholding traditional definitions of sexual purity (the interview was between a chick paid to have sex with strangers on film, and a homosexual man) but are happy to leverage those same traditional definitions either to attack a political rival (Anderson) or to make some cash ‘Stormy’.

We’ve already weighed in on what we’ve thought about the fixation on ‘Stormy’:
Dear CNN: You Didn’t Care About Bill’s Sex Life, So Why The Obsession With Stormy Daniels?

Why are we so interested in what Trump may or may not have done a decade ago when he was still a ‘Democrat in good standing’?

And do Trump’s loudest critics need to do the same kind of soul-searching as the guys who were so ready to stone that New Testament adultress?

Super wealthy people in the entertainment industry and the business world face temptations most Average Joe’s will never face. While their supposed behavior might shock some folks, truth be told, if it weren’t for God’s saving grace we’d probably do the same thing. Listen to Rich and Doug slice and dice the tricky topic.


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