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History Matters: Do The Math On The Potential Costs of Disarming Americans…

The current “gun control” arguments concerning the 2nd amendment and the Fl. school shootings are spurious. Even looking at total gun deaths in the United States and not even the tiny fraction of those that are school shootings, logic dictates that you must also look at lives saved as well as lives lost! How many lives could be lost with a despotic government? Let’s look at history.

Totalitarian Governments first neutralize God and Religion, so that the State can become the Religion. This must be done in increments so that citizens don’t quite feel the losses. They restrict guns so the citizens can’t defend themselves. They break up family units.

Pol Pot & Khmer Rouge 1975-1979 1.7 to 2.5 million executed or starved. out of 8 million population. Approximately 25 %

Stalin killed 20 million Russians, not counting the 20 million killed in WW II.

How many died as a result of Nazi’s exterminations and death camps ? in excess of 8 million Jews.

The population of U.S. according to Census “clock” 327 million plus x 25 % = 81 million plus potential loss if 25% of U.S. citizens killed. The 2nd amendment is to prevent the government from purges, cultural revolutions, mass starvations at government work camps etc. Is under 40 thousand )an acceptable premium to pay to not have government-caused deaths in the millions. By having an armed society we have gun deaths and violence – yes- but at a far lower rate than if we allowed the government to take our guns and subject ourselves to a despotic government. I call that an acceptable premium. Considering the lives saved by guns in self-defense by the criminal being the one to pay the price and the “victim” thus becomes a life saved negating the criminals standing as a gun victim. In effect not all gun deaths are unjustified!

It is better to pay a small price today than to allow a tyrannical to take control as history shows us where that leads and the staggering death tolls if it comes to pass.

Dear Lord, save us from our snowflake demoncrats and their politicians. In Christ’s name I pray that our country can be able to apply some common sense to our problems and not allow our politicraps to spew their usual drivel. Amen

photo credit: what’s_the_frequency the wonder of technology via photopin (license)

Mike Martin thanks you for the opportunity to express “different points of views”, and if you were to ask his family they would probably tell you that he’s as different as they come….