Like Clockwork: After Tragedies, the Left Ignores Solutions, Attacks Liberty

Written by Allan Erickson on March 3, 2018

Authorities were notified at least 60 times, during the course of at least two years, that Cruz was insane, heavily armed, planning a mass casualty event, a deeply troubled individual posing a certain danger to the school and the students. Students, parents, professionals, and relatives begged law enforcement (local police, sheriff deputies, FBI) to intervene. NOTHING was done.

Local police blew it.
County Sheriff Deputies blew it.
The Sheriff blew it.
The FBI blew it.
The background check system was inadequate.
The boy’s guardians blew it.

On the day of the tragedy, police and deputies blew it.

It is alleged the Sheriff issued a stand down order instead of ordering officers to kill the shooter.
Many people might have been saved.

In the aftermath, corruption within the Sheriff’s Dept. is revealed.

The reaction of the Left: give incompetent government even more power to screw up, and destroy liberty in the process.

“Solutions” put forward by the MSM & the LEFT: condemn the NRA, ignore mental health issues, ignore corruption in local law enforcement, demonize Republicans, call for gun control leading to confiscation, brutalize law-abiding gun owners, shred the Constitution, encourage rage, engage verbal violence, politicize the issue, use students as pawns, aggravate divisions, and reject the common sense solution—increased security at schools!

And the actual victims are virtually ignored, lost in the swirl of hysteria.

Finally, the view from 30,000 feet: the core problem is a society that produces homicidal maniacs, a culture corrupted by godlessness, a demoralized population stripped of virtue, a nation without conscience where life is no longer sacred, a country largely destroyed by humanism, atheism and communism. In other words, the problem is the Left, and all those who accommodate the Left. The Left is solely concerned with concentrating power in the central government, even if it means totally destroying our Constitution, and our Republic, signing Liberty’s death warrant.

Patriots must reject anyone accommodating the Left on gun control, or any issue vital to insuring Rights are unalienable! Anything less means the end of this Republic.

photo credit: Excerpted from: Fibonacci Blue High school students protest for gun reform via photopin (license)

Allan Erickson
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