LMAO: Trump Mocks Hollywood Over Miserable Oscar Ratings – You’ll Scream Like A Bad Eagle!

Written by K. Walker on March 6, 2018

You are going to absolutely LOVE this!

The recent Academy Awards show had absolutely abysmal ratings. There are several reasons for this.

  1. The constant virtue-signaling is turning off Americans — especially when it’s the #MeToo and #TimesUp people denouncing the victimization of women in an industry that routinely victimizes women.
  2. It looks more like a meeting of The ‘Resistance’ than a celebration of accomplishments. The speeches routinely denounce Trump and ‘flyover’ America as racist, sexist, xenophobic bigots with guns and religion oppressing anyone of color, the virtuous LGBT+ crowd and, of course, the Muslims.
  3. The movies that win aren’t the blockbuster hits anymore, it’s the ones that push the progressive, leftist agenda.
  4. It’s so bloody long and incredibly boring!

That’s just a start.

President Trump trolled the Oscars with this tweet that is absolutely right:

The President is bigger than any star in the world. Watch how the elites at Davos reacted to his arrival:

The Media (D) must be furious.

But they created this. Look at how they treated Obama when he was a president. They set the stage for this so to speak.

This is a man who was so famous that it was weird for a movie to be set in New York not have him make a cameo appearance in it. That was before his hit reality television show.

Of course he is a star!

And he’s a star in multiple realms.

President Trump may have been joking about being the only star, but he’s actually right.

Our ‘stars’ that are in the movies that people like that are unrecognized by the elites even though those box office hits are the ones that fund the movies that said Hollywood eliteswant to make. Will the Avengers franchise win Best Picture? Nope. This year it was movies about sex with fish and a predatory homosexual relationship with a teen.

These are your moral and intellectual superiors.

But next year we can probably call Black Panther a winner because it’s all about an isolationist black country with black heroes that white kids aren’t allowed to revere.

But then again, the blockbuster movie didn’t bow to the LGBT+ agenda, so maybe not.

Stupid Hollywood.

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