McCabe’s Threats To Bring Others “Down With Him” Have A Familiar Ring To Them

Written by Kenn Daily on March 20, 2018

Unlike the late U.S. Senator Robert Byrd, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was no member of the Ku Klux Klan.

McCabe did, however, take a page from the playbook of famed 1920’s Klan leader D.C. Stephenson.

Stephenson was more mobster than klanster. He made a killing by influence peddling. To protect himself from prosecution, Stephenson kept a box containing the cronyism of state authorities; including the governor of Indiana.

If I go down, he effectively said, a lot of people are going down with me.

McCabe reportedly said the same.

According to, “In the final days leading up to his termination, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly threatened to ‘take people down with him’ if he was fired.”

When Stephenson was convicted of murder in 1925, Gov. Edward L. Jackson refused to grant clemency. As promised, Stephenson released his “box” to the now-defunct Indianapolis Times. Jackson, himself, was investigated for bribery but was not convicted due to the expiration of statute of limitations.

The Indianapolis Times won a Pulitzer Prize for its investigation of Stephenson.

Potentially, an aggressive reporter may win a Pulitzer Prize for investigating McCabe’s “Klan box”.

Image: Excerpted from: U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation –, Public Domain,

Kenn Daily
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