The Obamas Might Get Their Own Netflix Show – What Should They Call It?

Written by K. Walker on March 9, 2018

Oh look. Netflix and Shill.

This seems entirely predictable. After all, internet ‘inventor’ Al Gore built a failing network and then sold it to Al-Jazeera the day before the tax code changed. (The purchase by Al-Jazeera occurred after an attempt by TheBlaze to purchase the media company was rejected in 2012.)

Why wouldn’t Obama align himself with the next-generation equivalent?

He was an internet ‘sensation’ among his devotees, wasn’t he?

The 44th President and former First Lady are in talks with the streaming service to “produce a series of high-profile shows” and provide exclusive content on a global level … according to the NY Times.

The focus of the shows will apparently be on highlighting inspirational stories, but there are other ideas as well. One is having Barack moderate conversations about topics that dominated his time in the White House … like health care and climate change.

The terms of the deal are reportedly in advanced stages, but one thing seems clear — the Obamas’ content will not be used to bash President Trump or their critics.
Source: TMZ

But what should their show be called? Or about?

Here are some suggestions:

Throwing Bricks.
The opening sequence can be that clip with him shooting hoops (badly)

And they could interview athletes who are remembered for their Social Justice activism, not their athleticism. The first show could have that guy who used the tail end of a forgettable NBA career to tell the world (and his long-term girlfriend) that he’s actually gay.

Semi-literate Obama fanboy Lebron James could be a recurring guest. (But don’t expect to see that clip of him shooting a belt-fed machine gun.)

If that idea doesn’t get off the ground, you could use that same name, and highlight some of his terrorist friends and associates.

Weather Underground’s Bill Ayers.
Some of the more violent strains of BLM.

Maybe they’ll do a tech show, and invite all his friends from Silicon Valley. They could call it something like…

‘Everything I disagree with is Hate Speech’.

Related story. You might want to brush up on your ‘take back your news feed‘ steps on how to not get sites he disagrees with buried in a hostile social media algorithm.

Then again, aside from the mom jeans, Michelle obviously wears the pants in that relationship.

(Remember how she made him change seats after flirting with other foreign leaders at Mandela’s funeral?)

It might be tailored to her interests.

A cooking show:


It could feature some of her favorite Obama-compliant school lunches found in garbage cans around the country.


Ridiculous photo-ops with private citizens and their children.

What about something that borrows from his community organizing?

You Didn’t Build That.

It could focus on political ‘grassroots movements’ like Occupy, BLM, or the latest Student anti-Gun movement that were co-opted by big-money leftist advocacy groups.


Has Anyone Else Noticed Something Sketchy About How Quickly This Crisis Became a ‘Movement’?

But this is brainstorming. There are probably all KINDS of great ideas of what they could do for a Netflix show.

Our good readers probably have all kinds of great suggestions.

Hit us with your best ones so we can all laugh together.

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