Parkland Survivor Blasts Whoopi and Her ‘False Narrative’

Written by K. Walker on March 19, 2018

The harpies on The View were discussing the ‘political engagement’ by teenagers across the country on National Walkout Day. One survivor of the Parkland shooting sets Whoopi straight.

Of course, the cronies at The View were thrilled with all of this activism by these wise, wise teenagers.

We could learn so much from them, don’t ya know!

They loved that the anti-Second Amendment and anti-NRA narrative was being pushed — because the children must be heard!

They didn’t discuss that Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March Youth Empower, and other #Resist! organizations were involved in the astroturf movement.

Meghan McCain pushed against the overflow of leftism and said that there were many students that believe in the Second Amendment and don’t want to be seen as pro-school shooting just because they didn’t join in with a school walkout that was explicitly used to push one particular agenda.

Watch the harpies and the one woman in America that shows an incredible amount of restraint, Meghan McCain:

McCain mentions Kyle Kashuv, a high school junior and a Parkland shooting survivor that went to Washington on a mission to find some bipartisan solutions that don’t include gun control but will make schools safer.

He’s been meeting with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. He even got to chat with the First Lady and met President Trump.

This awesome kid is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment. He’s not just working on bi-partisan legislative solutions, he’s also developed an app to assist emotionally struggling and bullied students to reach out for assistance from their peers. It’s called the Reach Out App.

McCain said it’s kids like Kyle that are being seen as ok with gun violence because they’re not demanding gun control.

“If you’re a student that’s more like Kyle [Kashuv], if you don’t want to walk out, it’s not that you’re– no one is for gun violence,” McCain added, citing the conservative Stoneman Douglas High School student who supported the Second Amendment.

As McCain started to note that the students getting “the most attention” from the media were the ones who were “very, very vehemently anti-NRA,” Whoopi tried to shush her.

“But that’s not what this is! Let’s stick to what this particular March is today,” Whoopi interrupted McCain. “It’s not political!” she stressed, insisting there was no political agenda behind these anti-gun walkouts.

He called out Whoopi Goldberg for pushing a false narrative and that the walkout was not a political move and not about the NRA.

Source: Newsbusters

Kyle says he thinks it’s cool that Whoopi knows his name:

And then… he lowers the boom:

Bravo, Kyle!

That kid is awesome!

He’s got a bright future ahead of him.

So does our guest op-ed writer Cole Sherman who had some great thoughts about this sudden ‘movement’.

Check out Cole’s article here:

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