UK Bans ‘Racist’ Journalist For Critiquing This Religion – Can You Say, ‘1984’?

Written by K. Walker on March 12, 2018

This conservative beauty has been officially labeled a ‘racist’ in the United Kingdom. Lovely.

Guess what religion?

It wasn’t Anglicanism.

Will they call her a ‘heretic’, too?

When will they reinstate ‘witch burning’?

Dear leftists, George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984 was a warning, not a guide!

Lauren Southern, a popular YouTuber and conservative independent journalist, been banned from the United Kingdom. She was detained at the border at Calais when she was attempting to enter the U.K. by bus. She was singled out, held at the border, and interrogated as well, the authorities confiscated her passport.

She is the second conservative female reporter that has been detained by the U.K. border security agents in the last few days.

Two other conservatives, Martin Sellner and his girlfriend, Brittany Pettibone were detained over the weekend. Sellner was to give a speech at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park, London. The topic was the threat to free speech. Pettibone was denied entry because her intention was to interview outspoken critic of Islam, Tommy Robinson, (the powers that be have also been determined that Robinson has ‘incited racial hatred’ for his views,) for her YouTube channel. Robinson had recently been attacked when reporting on Antifa activity in London.

Here is a copy of the refusal of entry that she received:

The official reason for refusing her entry was that she was ‘involved in the distribution of racist material in Luton’ which poses ‘a threat to the fundamental interests of society and to the public policy of the United Kingdom.’

Which is bizarre, since ‘Islam’ isn’t a race.

So, you can’t question radical Islam in the United Kingdom.

Good to know.

Interestingly, it has been reported that more than 400 ISIS terrorists have returned from fighting with the terrorist group and were permitted to re-enter the U.K.

Unfortunately, we’re not kidding.

The Independent reports:

Research by The Soufan Centre estimated that at least 425 British Isis members have so far returned to the UK – the largest cohort in Europe.

But there are fears many have “disappeared” from the view of security services, who will not publicly confirm how many returnees have been jailed or are being tracked.

Out of countries for which data was available, only Turkey (900), Tunisia (800) and Saudi Arabia (760) had larger numbers of returning foreign fighters, according to the study.

But conservatives are a problem, apparently.

Southern tweeted out the series of events.

And maintained a sense of humor about the horrific denial of liberty:

Lauren Southern notably was able to legally change her gender on her official documentation in her home country of Canada to ‘male’ in just a few minutes at a doctor’s office.

Southern also is exposing the horrific anti-white racism in South Africa:

Perhaps it’s not just her position on radical Islam, but also that she is exposing the racism in South Africa that is causing her to be labeled a ‘racist’ now.

After all, Islam isn’t a race.

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