Ungrateful: Teenager Punches Cop, Gets Off With A Wrist Slap, Then Brags About Hating Cops

Written by K. Walker on March 10, 2018

This chick is pretty brazen. Check out what she posted on social media…

When will the leftists realize that the anti-cop rhetoric needs to stop?

The police were called to an apartment in East New York to deal with 17-year old Diamond Forrest who was acting in a ‘violent and threatening manner’. Forrest is 5’4″ and weighs 170 lbs.

Here is Forrest:

While in the apartment, Forrest allegedly punched one of the officers, then apologized saying, ‘I’m sorry I hit you, officer.’

Forrest could have faced up to 7 years of jail time for second-degree assault on the officer, but the officer decided to go easy on the teen.

Instead of arresting her and hauling her down to the station, the unidentified officer decided to slap her with just a summons for disorderly conduct, which carries a maximum punishment of 15 days in prison.

Do you think she was grateful?


But her Facebook page was littered with anti-police posts and after the incident, Forrest wrote: ‘I duffed like three cops today. I’m glad they let me go.’

In October, she uploaded a picture of her holding her middle finger up to a 75th Precinct car.

Source: Daily Mail

Additionally, Forrest said that the ‘75th Precinct is horrible… I don’t like them. I don’t like how they go about things. It’s despicable and horrible.

How they go about things. She’s got a point.

For example, the are they obviously too lenient on violent criminals.

Maybe they should have jailed her ungrateful, cop-hating ass!

But no worries. Someone as obnoxious as she is showing herself to be will almost certainly be what they call ‘known to police’. And you can be sure that NEXT time, they will know what she thinks of their lenience.

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