1984: Guess Who’s Scanned All Your Social Media Messages?

Written by K. Walker on April 5, 2018

Take a wild guess. After all, there are only a couple of options.

Is it the government?



Don’t be silly.


You betcha!

Big Tech is watching you.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg admitted as much in a podcast interview with Ezra Klein, the Editor at Large for Vox, that was released on Monday.

The interview, including a discussion on the ambition of Mark Zuckerberg, is so unbelievably creepy — referencing the ‘Facebook Manifesto’ that would ‘alter the global community’ and is ‘beyond one country’.

In the podcast, Klein says that Facebook is more powerful than any government, but is still a private company run by a CEO.

This comes after the Cambridge Analytica scandal that has all of the ‘elites’ up in arms because President Trump utilized social media better than his opponent in 2016.

Still, silence (other than the kudos in 2012) on the Obama 2012 App that was a much more invasive and insidious ‘data mining’ than Cambridge Analytica selling info from a quiz that people willingly participated in. Granted, they didn’t know that their data was being used this way.

FYI, if you choose to take a ‘Which Disney Princess Are You?‘ quiz and it asks you if it can access your Facebook profile, that is indeed an indicator that it is going to use that information somehow for their own profit — they’re selling your information.

[Editor’s Note: I got Belle from Beauty and the Beast.]

Oh, yes. There is Media (D) hypocrisy at play here.

By the way, a former FEC Commissioner believes that this may have been a violation of Federal Law.

The latest news is that Facebook scans all of your private messages — links, text, and photos — in their Messenger app and blocks the ones that ‘contravene’ the social media platform’s guidelines.

While the intentions behind the practice may be well-meaning, the news is likely to add to users’ concerns over what the social network knows about them

…Facebook is also facing criticism for collecting years of data on call and text histories from Android users.

It’s really disturbing what it is that Facebook knows about you.

Between Facebook, Google, and Apple, they know everything about you — heck, they probably know you better than your spouse.

President Trump is looking to have Facebook not be more powerful than any government.

Zuckerberg is set to testify before Congress on April 10 and 11.

There was a story making the rounds on April 1 that Elon Musk had offered to buy Facebook in order to delete it.

That’s just satire, but Musk did shut down the Tesla and SpaceX Facebook pages because the social network gives him ‘the willies’.

With all the stories about how much Facebook knows about you, most of us have now ‘got the willies’.

One guy’s entire call history to his partner’s mom was gathered by Facebook:

Some of the checks are user-driven but the disturbing part is that some of them occur automatically.

Users are able to flag posts or messages that they feel are in violation of the site’s house rules.

This will either cause one of the social network’s community operations team to manually review the content, or automated systems can also make decisions.

Facebook is checking photos to make sure that it doesn’t contain child pornography or malware.

‘For example, on Messenger, when you send a photo, our automated systems scan it using photo matching technology to detect known child exploitation imagery or when you send a link, we scan it for malware or viruses,’ a Facebook Messenger spokeswoman said in a statement.

‘Facebook designed these automated tools so we can rapidly stop abusive behaviour on our platform.’

Source: Daily Mail

What if the platform itself is abusive?

It’s no secret that conservative publishers have been hit the hardest by Facebook’s ‘new rules’.

They use left-wing ‘fact checkers’ like Snopes.

They are now using Wikipedia — an ‘open’ encyclopedia that anyone can edit — to smear conservative websites.

The social network is now the largest publisher in the history of the world.

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