He Became A She And Now She Regrets It – As In … Majorly Regrets It

Written by K. Walker on April 16, 2018

That just doesn’t fit the narrative, does it? This man wants his voice to be heard. Let’s listen to what he has to say.

This veteran has some things to say about the ‘Transgender Military Ban’ and he’s speaking from experience.

Jamie Shupe lived for four years as a woman and received treatment through the VA.

He says that the new Pentagon report is right in their position with transgender troops.

Shupe explains the goal of treatment for individuals that identify as transgender individuals, and the problems with the treatments themselves, especially when initiating hormones as adults.

The best cosmetic results are when puberty blockers are given to pre-pubescent children but then those can cause a whole host of problems — some known, like an increased risk of cancer, and some unknown. Including not having ‘enough material’ to *cough* work with.

If the goal of treating gender dysphoria is to make the patients appear as much like the opposite sex as possible in order to alleviate gender dysphoria that allegedly results from the mismatch between their birth sex and the gender they identify as, the U.S. military faces significant and costly hurdles in attempting to perform sex changes on adults who enlisted as their birth sex.

It’s shocking that the important question of whether hormones or surgeries actually cure or even alleviate gender dysphoria wasn’t addressed in depth by the first and frequently hyped RAND study performed at the Obama administration’s behest as it considered its transgender soldier policies.

“In the absence of quality randomized trial evidence,” RAND concluded, “it is difficult to fully assess the outcomes of treatment for [gender dysphoria]…postsurgical transsexuals are a risk group that need long-term psychiatric and somatic follow-up. Even though surgery and hormonal therapy alleviates gender dysphoria, it is apparently not sufficient to remedy the high rates of morbidity and mortality found among transsexual persons.”

A recent Pentagon report on the trial therapies of hormones and surgery failed to convince Defence Secretary James Mattis that these treatments ‘cure’ gender dysphoria. That’s no surprise since that is the conclusion of some of the participants that went through the treatment.

Shupe writes of his own experience and his decision to not go through the full gender transition.

Unlike many journalists who blindly speak or write about gender dysphoria and transgender military service, I am both an Army veteran and a patient who has received these experimental medical treatments.

I was smart enough to forego any transgender surgical procedures, because I was also unconvinced of the science behind mainstream gender dysphoria treatments. My decision to not get genital surgery was because I discovered the high complication rates of these procedures. It was also based on the published experiences of other transsexuals. Even according to the RAND study, 6 to 20 percent of those receiving vaginoplasty experience complications, meaning that “between three and 11 Service members per year would experience a long-term disability from gender Reassignment surgery.”

His results with hormone therapy were less than stellar.

Like the transgender adults now serving on active duty, because my hormone treatments for gender dysphoria began after puberty, my results were abysmal. I needed extensive hair removal on my face and body, breast augmentation, and facial feminization surgery to even remotely begin to look like a stereotypical female. I also suffered numerous mental and physical health complications from taking the prescribed hormone treatments.

Cross-sex hormones failed to cure or even alleviate my gender dysphoria. The only thing that did was to stop believing that I was a female. The APA claims gender dysphoria is a treatable condition with social transitions and hormonal and surgical treatments. My experience as a transsexual patient proves otherwise. Four years of Defense Department-funded hormone treatments produced nothing more than a very small amount of breast growth.

Other than that, just like many other male to female transsexuals, I look nearly exactly the same now as when I began taking hormones. So much for APA’s claimed efficacy. As a middle-aged late transitioning trans-woman, after four years on hormones, without enhancements in my chest, I basically look like an overweight middle-aged man.

Shupe said that the hormone treatment didn’t help his feelings of gender dysphoria.

Not only were my hormonal treatments a horrific failure, the whole transition process actually caused my gender dysphoria to worsen. Therapy didn’t help resolve that.

Proceeding with ‘medically shoehorning’  individuals with gender dysphoria into the opposite gender.

As noted by the Pentagon’s panel of experts, transgender people have a 41 percent attempted or completed suicide rate. The panel also noted rampant suicidal ideation by those afflicted with gender dysphoria. As the patient and recipient of these unscientifically proven treatments, and as a guinea pig for the toxic ideology that one can change his or her sex, I’ve come to believe the whole transition process is tragically and fatally flawed. The proof is in the suicide statistics and the rampant suicidal ideation.

Shupe points out some flaws in the Pentagon report.

The Pentagon’s panel of experts missed a study pointing out only 21 percent of transgender people ever actually achieve an appearance that convinces others the person is really a member of the opposite sex. The military operates on the premise that standards should be measurable and achievable. Turning males and females into the opposite sex is not an achievable standard, but the poor results are measurable.

However, he then agrees with the assessment.

As evidenced in the new Pentagon study, the U.S. military is correct to ban those with gender dysphoria from serving. The military is also correct in refusing to participate in gender transitions, regardless of how many lawsuits that requires fighting. My failed sex change is proof of that.

The biological bell of puberty cannot be unrung for these service members. Arguably, the fight to change anyone’s biological sex cannot be won either, no matter how much money is thrown away in trying to do so, or regardless of how much political blood is spilled fighting over it.

Source: The Federalist

Do you think that the Media (D) will give equal coverage to Jamie Shupe’s position on transgender troops in the military?

Or would they just call him ‘intolerant’ and ‘transphobic’?

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