Cali: Brown’s Anti-2a State Is Even Crazier Than You Thought!

Written by Larry Usoff on April 2, 2018

Hey, what’s going on?

Recently, in that land I call Crazyfornia, yet another manifestation of their craziness emerged. Governor Moonbeam Brown, signed a bill which outlaws teacher’s ability to shoot back if they come under fire at school. If I read what I read correctly, the teacher, even if they are armed, must not return fire to the shooter.

AB 424 was rushed through on a Saturday after five California school districts decided to allow teachers or staff to have concealed carry permits. This of course would give them the ability and right to be armed on campus to defend themselves and students, should there be a Lakeland-style attack.

What puzzles me about this is, when you consider the absolute stringency of the anti-gun laws in that state, it just boggles the mind that ANYONE could ever BUY a gun, much less have a concealed carry permit!

Democrat Assemblyman Kevin McCarty justified his push to disarm teachers by saying, “A safe learning environment is essential for our children to be successful in the classroom. That’s not possible if a school district allows armed civilians to roam California school campuses.” He calls teachers “armed civilians” when he knows full well that they are in the school to do a job and they’re not allowed to “roam” school campuses. If the legislators would do away with THEIR armed security, it might make it more logical…but they won’t. Let’s leave this subject with me asking a question: would ANY anti-gun law stop a person (or persons) determined to commit mayhem or murder? The answer is a big, fat, NO!

A Democrat candidate for sheriff in Buncombe County, North Carolina, says that he has no problem killing legal gun owners to confiscate their weapons if the situation arises, according to video posted to social media. Daryl Fisher, quoted Charlton Heston who said that “they” would have to pry the gun from his cold, dead hands…and Fisher said he had no problems with that idea. He has served as a captain with the Asheville Police Department and is currently the county’s law enforcement training director.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I’d have a problem feeling secure in my home knowing that someone might burst in to take my gun(s) and shoot me in the process…and that process just might be illegal, but I’d still be dead, wouldn’t I? He’s not going to claim that he was misquoted because it’s on video tape.

The Second Amendment is what gives “teeth” to the rest of the US Constitution and it comes right after the First Amendment, giving us free speech. That’s not a coincidence, folks…if you can’t talk freely, you’re in trouble, but the 2A gives the population the right to own and bear arms, so anyone that tries to silence you, or take your guns has to understand that they will meet with more than just words. If push comes to shove in this country, as I believe it will, you must make a choice. You will try to be a survivor, or you will surely wind up a victim.

In Atlanta, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is restricted by Congress from using tax money to promote gun control, however, there are those that want to remove this restriction. Back in Crazyfornia, the state has created a “gun violence research center”, the purpose of which is…does anyone really know? There are studies done, volumes have been written, all sorts of research has already been performed, but none of it seems to have had any effect on the legislators in that land of perpetual idiocy.

And, not wanting to be left out, if there’s any Federal money to be grabbed the state of New Jersey has created a similar program. But regardless of whether “gun violence” research is being conducted by the federal government, states, universities, or private organizations, the question remains: Will they accept the facts? My answer, once again, is a big, fat, NO.

Even the most rabid anti-gunner would have to admit that guns SAVE lives as well as take them, WHEN THEY ARE USED. But thousands, maybe millions of Americans legally carry a firearm every day, and most cite self-defense as their primary reason. The overwhelming majority of the time, those guns are never drawn in anger. But innocent civilians can and do sometimes use their guns in self-defense. Any discussion of firearms policy must acknowledge the lives saved by legal use of guns as well as the lives lost by criminal use. A gun is but a tool, and it can be used for evil as well as good…the key word being “used”, because it can be in a drawer or a closet, fully loaded, for years, and never do any harm. I won’t bore you with statistics, but suffice it to say that guns do more good than harm. There are people alive today that, had they not been protected by a gun, or used one themselves, would be dead.

Parting shot: If you’ve ever heard the expression “Don’t go off half-cocked”, there’s a reason for that saying. Some older weapons had a half-cock position which made it just a tad quicker to fire…and it would seem that today we have people who are SO quick to make some sort of announcement about this or that, that they don’t wait for the full story to come out. Don’t rush to judgement.

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