Cojones: Trump Ends ‘Catch & Release’ For Illegal Aliens – Here’s The 411

Published on April 7, 2018

Catch and release. Fishing? Yes. Border enforcement? Not so much.

Border-jumpers know our system. And they have been exploiting it to the detriment of honest immigrants who want to play by the rules.

That’s coming to an end.

Here’s the press release:

Today, President Donald J. Trump signed a Presidential Memorandum to take important steps to end “catch and release,” the dangerous practice whereby aliens who have violated our Nation’s immigration laws are released into the United States shortly after their apprehension. The safety and security of the American people is the President’s highest priority, and he will keep his promise to protect our country and to ensure that our laws are respected.

At the same time, the President continues to call on congressional Democrats to cease their staunch opposition to border security and to stop blocking measures that are vital to the safety and security of the United States.

Why is this relevant? Because on the OTHER side of the border, the Mexican government is actively looking for ways to help illegal immigrants sneak in and stay in.

Not only did their government publish and hand out more than a million pamphlets on how to survive in the harsh conditions they would face while trying to sneak past the border, they do this, too:

Now, Mexico’s ministry of foreign affairs has published “Recommendations in Case of Immigration Detention,” an infographic video advising illegal immigrants in the United States on ways to avoid deportation when approached by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the video, which is in Spanish, is divided into two sections: “How to prepare in case of immigration and detention,” and “How to act in case of immigration detention.”

If ICE agents come to an illegal immigrant’s home, for example, the ministry advises against opening the door. And, whether questioned by ICE agents at home or at a detention facility, it tells its citizens to not reveal their immigration status.
Source: National Review

Huh, it’s almost like they have open contempt for American citizens and their laws, isn’t it?

They sound just like Pelosi and that mayor of Oakland, don’t they?

What did Trump’s memo instruct?

The report instructs departments to share information on any contracts to construct or operate detention facilities along the border as well as steps taken to assign asylum officers at detention facilities, among other measures.

As part of the order, Trump is requesting “a detailed list of all existing facilities, including military facilities, that could be used, modified, or repurposed to detain aliens for violations of immigration law at or near the borders of the United States.”

Trump has also directed Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to identify any other resources or steps “that may be needed to expeditiously end ‘catch and release’ practices.”
Source: The Hill

If nothing else, the prospect of being detained while your case is being heard, rather than released on ‘the honor system’ which so few people are actually ‘honoring’ will make the option of jumping the fence both less attractive for them, and less lucrative for anyone that might be using them as a means to an end.

Do you like this memo? Or no?

Let us know your reasons, either way in the comments.

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