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News Clash

Franklin Graham Goes Holy Moses On Little Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy got fish-slapped. Graham hit him right in his air of moral superiority.

Jimmy Kimmel is the Left’s new Pope, right? He’s the moral center of the movement?

Well their “Pope” just got a message from Franklin Graham.

He’s not exactly impressed by that superior morality Kimmel seems to think he stands on. And Graham is pulling back the curtain to show just who Little Jimmy really is behind all that bluster.

You may remember that spat between him and Hannity over what he said about Melania reading to kids on Easter? Because it’s important for Jimmy to take an innocent moment where the First Lady is actually giving children some attention and respect, and poison it with his contempt.

He mocked her accent.

Franklin took a different angle than Hannity did. He didn’t go punch-for-punch with cheap shots.

He took the high road, and pointed out how Jimmy was (to use the leftist terminology) ‘othering’ a foreigner based on her accent.

Franklin, who with his work at Samaritan’s Purse has more than proven his own commitment to helping people whatever their language, culture, or ethnicity, had something to say about Kimmel’s dig.

If the Left is as ‘tolerant as they claim, why are they so quick to throw people they see as ‘different’ under the bus?

Would he have dared mock the accent of anyone on the Left?

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