Michelle Calls Trump’s Presidency, ‘Bad Parenting’ – I Think She Has Selective Amnesia

Written by K. Walker on April 7, 2018

Michelle probably shouldn’t be talking about ‘bad parenting’.  She and Barack allowed their teenage daughter to intern with Harvey Weinstein.

It was one of those ‘open secrets’ and Malia still worked as an intern for him.

That is the epitome of ‘bad parenting’.

I guess they figured that she was safe because it’s not like she was an intern for a Democrat President.

Or they just wanted her away from creepy Joe Biden.


It’s just strange to have Michelle use a parenting analogy when she’s doing such a crap job at it.

Michelle spoke in Boston on April 5 at the 39th annual Simmons Leadership Conference in Boston.

The mother-of-two said Barack Obama’s eight-year presidency ‘was like having the “good parent” at home, the responsible parent, the one who told you to eat your carrots and go to bed on time’.

She added: ‘And now we have the other parent. We thought it’d feel fun. Maybe it feels fun for now because we can eat candy all day and stay up late and not follow the rules.

When asked about her reaction to what Trump has done since taking office, Mrs Obama replied that she takes a ‘deep sigh’.

‘I think about what I’ve learned from my husband, and I’ve learned watching him be a leader,’ she said. ‘And a lot of what I’ve learned about temperament and patience, that really comes from him. I think he was born with that DNA.’

Source: Daily Mail

Here is Michelle’s parenting analogy:


That statement from Chris Rock about the President and the First Lady are like your Mom and Dad seems to have gone to her head.

As for the parenting analogy, well, maybe. But It was more like Joan Crawford’s parenting.

You needed to love Barack. If you criticized his policies at all, well, you were a bigot.

If you dared mention his authoritarianism, his disdain for the Constitution, his abuse of power, and his many, many scandals, well, you’re just racist.

You must love him.

Or else.

He just might use government to punish you.

Even if you’re a journalist.

Kinda like Joan Crawford punished her daughter for using wire hangers, amirite?

Do you really want to compare parenting styles, Michelle?

Because we can do that.

DEAR TRUMP HATERS: If Trump Is ‘Evil’ Then WHY Are His Kids So AWESOME?

That’s a damned good question if you ask me.

There was good news that came out of this appearance.

She spoke for about 10 minutes on why she won’t run for President.

Watch Michelle explain why she isn’t going to run for President:


Of course, she also defended Hillary. But did you expect anything else from Michelle?

She says that we need to look beyond ‘R’ vs ‘D’ but she’s actually convinced that Hillary was a good candidate.

That tells you everything, folks.

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