Parents Face Prison For Protecting 13yr. Old Daughter From Would-be Sex Predator

Published on April 18, 2018

Punished for protecting their kid from a monster. Does this seem right to you?

These parents found out that a grown man was making the moves on their 13 year old daughter, when they checked on her phone activities. And they put a stop to it.

He sent the girl ‘d–k pics’. He said — explictly — what lewd things he was planning to do to her with his genitals and his hands.

They tried to get the cops involved. No reaction.

They tied the guy up.

And now THEY are the ones facing charges.

Age of consent where they are is 16, so it would have been statutory rape either way.

The events happened on Vancouver Island, on Canada’s West Coast.

Here is some of what the frantic mom said after they zip tied the guy:

He come to my house to meet my 13-year-old f***ing daughter to f**** her. He wanted to be her first,” the mother said from behind a smartphone camera. “We f***ing tackled him, and Zap strapped him and called the police.

RCMP arrived at the home on Thursday and took the man to hospital. He has not been charged.

“Why wouldn’t the police come and help me catch the predator that just came to my f***ing house,” the mother continued in the video. “I’m so glad that I got my daughter’s phone and saw a message that she didn’t.”

The mother claims she asked police to investigate the man six weeks ago, when she discovered explicit messages sent to her daughter’s Instagram account. She said police told her to block the man and forget it.

Frustrated by the response, she set up the meeting. The mother said she asked police to be present during the ambush, but claims authorities would not help.

The mother and stepfather admit to restraining and interrogating the man. The stepfather said he is an acquaintance of the family.

RCMP Cpl. Amelia Hayden said a child luring investigation was opened in March.

“The police had directed her not to take matters into her own hands,” she said. “We still do have an active and ongoing investigation on the matter.”

Hayden said vigilante actions are not only illegal; they also put people in danger and have the potential to compromise the original investigation.
Source: CTV

This guy really should consider himself lucky.

In some communities, parents would have shot him on sight.

And that would have been doing the world a favor.

Now mom and dad need to lawyer up.

Let’s hope some other parents take a cue from this story, and teach their daughters not to be sucked in by dirtbags like this.

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