Bette Midler Backs Palestine Versus Israel – Twitter Erupts

Published on May 16, 2018

Congrats, Bette! You are the wind beneath terrorist’s wings!

Why should she be dumb in private, when she can shout her stupidity on Twitter?

That’s what Twitter is FOR, right?

Bette Midler threw her support behind Palestine. Which is pretty weird right off the start, considering she’s Jewish.

She feels bad for the … wait for it… victims.

Let’s recap the story. But before we do, let’s remind our readers about our giveaway. Hollywood types HATE this kind of giveaway.

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Now that we covered that, let’s get back to the story:

Israel was celebrating its 70th year of existing as a nation again, after (have you forgotten so soon? You promised to ‘never forget’!) the Holocaust did its best to wipe them out as a population. The word is ‘genocide’.

Now that they have a nation, they are defending it from people — specifically Hamas — who think it would be a REALLY good idea to finish the job.

Those on the Palestinian side of the fence have been rioting for weeks. Because Israel still has the indecency to be a nation-state.

Just a few months ago, their leaders requested that the UN withdraw recognition of Israel as a nation-state.

There is no ‘honest’ and ‘fair’ negotiations. Hamas is allied with the Muslim Brotherhood. Which is allied with Al Qaeda. THESE are the people you are supporting.

If you haven’t figured out that Hollywood Leftists are PART of Hamas’s Propaganda campaign, you’re just not that smart. You’re being played.

He’s got a point. We were just talking about that yesterday:

Because what protest is complete without a grenade or two, amirite?

Oh. Did Midler happen to mention the leaflet drops that Israel did on the Palestinian side of the fence urging people NOT to participate in the riots? Or why Israel had SNIPERS, rather than machine gun nests set up on the border?

Here’s the ideological difference between the two groups summed up in a single image:

What should we expect from someone who felt bad for all the ‘lies’ that were told about Obama.
(If you don’t know why that’s absurd, google: Ben Rhodes echo chamber)

Let’s give The Mossad the last word on the issue, shall we?

Congrats, Bette! Your commitment to being a lockstep Resistance supporter has led to you becoming a cog in a terrorist’s propaganda machine!

Your hatred for America has grown to its full potential. You must be so proud.

You are their hero. Truly the wind beneath their wings.

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