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Bigger Than Politics: What Our Nation Needs Most Isn’t About Just ‘Left’ Or ‘Right’

Am I the only one that is completely sick of the “modern politics obsession” that has made far too many people argumentative, unloving, unkind, disrespectful, intolerant, judgmental, etc.? I can’t even stand the time we are giving to politics these days. I am not the person that thinks we should live in a hole and not pay attention or be concerned about what is going on around us. I think we should be extremely concerned. I just think it’s time to admit that the answer to America’s problem won’t come from any modern politician that truly doesn’t represent the principles that we were founded on.

Yes… we were founded on Judeo Christian principles and it doesn’t take a genius of any kind to research this truth. It is also crystal clear that these principles are not being exercised in our day to day living… They aren’t even understood by the MAJORITY. Yep, I did say that. Our modern government represents WE the people… still. This is a sad picture, I realize.

In a conversation I had recently, we were discussing how crazy the world was and were both in total agreement, for a while. Eventually, I was asked what I would do to help solve the problem. I said as nicely as I know how that Biblical principles needed to be taught again inside the schools. I can see the anger rising BEFORE this person even knew what I meant. Keep in mind that this person had no children of their own.

I calmly said that we live in a “me/selfie” society. Everyone is determining right and wrong by what makes them feel comfortable. There is no common ground! We need some kind of standard and the Bible worked best in the past, great chance it will again. Bad ideas create chaos, good ideas create peace, but what two human beings ever agree on the same moral standard? We need something other than mere humans to dictate a common ground. I mentioned that our founders really studied about how to keep things fair and keep ideas free flowing. I told this person that believing in a Creator has become obsolete and so has any kind of solid moral standard with it!

What is so scary about considering the fact that we are indeed created? If we are created by a Creator, doesn’t it make sense that the Creator would know more than we do what we need to be happy? Wouldn’t He be able to reveal to us what is right and wrong, so we can all agree on something and live in peace? Doesn’t it just make sense that we should treat each other right?

The fact that humans constantly say “I’m right, you are wrong, “implies that there is a real standard for right and wrong. If humans can’t agree, how do we come to an agreement at all? Who breaks the tie? Did we all just forget that we all live beyond this life and we will be judged for our conduct eventually? Isn’t it just helpful to every human to feel like all they do is being watched and judged and remembered, even if they truly did get away with something here on earth? We really don’t get away with anything? Don’t these simple principles truly help a civilized society stay civil?

Does any parent not want their children to know how to behave even without the parent present? Isn’t it just comforting to know that there really is a God that sees all? Isn’t it helpful to any of us to know that there are limits. Nations without divine rules that reach beyond human capacity will only have humans to rule them. I don’t know any flawless humans? Do you?

Can you imagine the different decisions that could be made if the majority of our leaders actually believed and lived by these very fundamental principles? This won’t happen until the voters believe them first! There truly is “science” to happy living and the principles of that method are found in the Bible.

If modern politics had many people involved that can even explain these principles and then apply them, America could change overnight. Since politics is indeed a science and we look at the landscape of America today, well… Let’s just say… DO THE MATH. Praying for our nation.

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Judy Rice

Judy Rice is the proud mother of teenage triplets, Jillian, Spencer and Derek and wife to Gary, one of the most loving, hardworking, honorable men in the world. She is a Christian who is a huge fan of traditional marriage, freedom, and is pro- life to the core. She has a Masters in Counseling from DePaul University in Chicago and a Bachelors degree in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Before kids, she worked as a counselor, advisor and teacher at the university level. She clarified her world view in her thirties and believes her most valuable education continues to come from reading the Bible, reading in general, listening, paying attention and participating in meaningful communication wherever it occurs.