Dear CNN: If Trump’s ‘Evil’ For Calling MS-13 ‘Animals’ Then I Guess Jesus Is Evil Too

Written by Doug Giles on May 19, 2018

Their policies are so fatally flawed that they can’t win by arguing policies. They have to frame every issue by emotions.

So their Media (D) Lackeys throw a black hat on every Republican and pretend that they and their Democrat buddies are riding in to ‘save the day’.

But then facts trip them up. Like when they tried to frame Trump as evil for daring to call gangbangers who kill people with bats and knives rather than guns explicitly because the victims will suffer more that way ‘animals’.

You know, MS-13, whose motto is “Rape, Control, Kill”? He called them animals. The Democrats and the Media (but we repeat ourselves) near lost their minds denouncing Trump for such a faux pas. They said he was calling all immigrants (or at least all illegals) MS-13 members.

Dear CNN: If Trump's 'Evil' For Calling MS-13 'Animals' Then I Guess Jesus Is Evil Too

The Left lambasted President Trump when he called one of the most violent gangs on the planet 'Animals'. If they're right then I guess the prophets, psalmists, apostles and Jesus are 'evil' as well because they utilized that terminology all the time when refering to implaccable and impenitent evil people. Here's proof!

Posted by Warriors And Wildmen on Saturday, May 19, 2018

David and Paul weren’t afraid to use some colorful metaphors about their adversaries.

Peter had some harsh words for people.

Even ‘sweet Jesus’ didn’t hold back from harsh criticisms and metaphors that the liberal media would call ‘dehumanizing’.

Shhhh… don’t mention this tweet. It undermines their narrative.

But Trump calling sadistic murderers ‘animals’ — that’s a story worth telling, right CNN?

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