Dear CNN: Iranians Start A ‘Thank You Trump’ Movement On Twitter – Is That ‘News?’

President Trump is getting high praise on Twitter. But you won’t see coverage of it on the Media (D).

That’s because mixed in with the Iranians on social media praising and thanking President Trump for ditching the horrible Iran Deal, there’s some criticism of Barry, and you just can’t have that.

The Media (D) — and the former Obama administration — has continually focussed on how terrible it is that POTUS erased the Iran Deal and it’s going to start a war!

Not so. If Barry was so great, why did Trump inherit the threats of North Korea and Iran?

Well, there’s a Trump Tweet to explain that:

(There’s always a Trump Tweet.)

Of course, talking tough with Kim Jong-un was also going to get us into World War III, and we’ve seen how that works.

It was all over the news that members of Iranian parliament burning the American flag and chanting ‘Death to America’:

Interestingly, no one seems to be asking what the Iranian people think.

Here’s what happened after that:

Then, the hashtag #ThankYouTrump began to trend on Twitter along with #WeAreHostages.

So, without any commentary, take a look at this amazing outpouring of support for President Trump by (mostly) Iranians in their own words:


That’s just beautiful.


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