Dear CNN: Is It OK For Black Liberal Women To Make Bigoted Remarks And Not Be Fired?

Written by K. Walker on May 31, 2018

Funny how the same woman who was in hot water for offensive things she said — and never paid any price for it — was happy enough to weigh in on Roseanne getting canned for what SHE Said.

MSNBC provided viewers with one of the most tone-deaf moments in cable news history on Tuesday when Andrea Mitchell asked Joy Reid about a racist tweet that Roseanne Barr sent about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett.

Last month, Reid famously kinda-sorta admitted to writing homophobic slurs that she’d previously insisted were the work of diabolical hackers.


Reid responded by pointing to the specific language of Barr’s apology, noting that admitting the jab was about Jarrett’s appearance was proof that the message was racist. “That was a very telling part of the apology,” Reid said. “I’m not surprised, this is the kind of humor that Roseanne does.”
Source: Fox

Here is the Andrea Mitchell tone-deaf moment:

MSNBC doubled-down with a whole Townhall event originally to discuss the ‘systemic racism’ at Starbucks featuring an entire panel of people with questionable authority on ‘hateful’ comments:

After that, Chuck Todd asked Joy Reid about how the Roseanne tweet affected the Townhall event.

In the light of her own ‘hacked blog’ comments, the answers are rather awkward.


If you missed it… Clash covered the bizarre story about Reid’s tweets and her even more bizarre Soap Opera-style denials here:

Dear MSNBC: Joy Reid’s Tweets Used Transphobic Slurs, Sexual Attacks On Women – Here’s Proof

Weirdly, Joy Reid might have been sane at one point in time:

One of the quotes, in which she criticized Bernie Sanders a little more than a decade ago:

“Tagging the other side as the Party of Whitey may sound like just the way to get these voters back, but it so misses the point.” Then she scolded him for insulting Christians and White Americans. (2005)

Are you surprised that she might have been reasonable once?

Is that just more proof that the Left isn’t dumb, just dishonest?

They KNOW the issues, they have even articulated the issues, convincingly.

But now, it’s part of the official strategy to invoke the words racist, sexist, homophobe at every possible fork in the road.

They have embraced scorched earth politics, and even the objections to unlawful immigration that THEY THEMSELVES once held dear — is now sufficient to “prove” racism.

That tells us one of two things.

Either Joy Reid is “infected” with the same racism the rest of us are constantly accused of — and her network had better remove her from the show before the contagion spreads further — or she, and all the others are lying, and using these allegations of racism as weapons to destroy people they disagree with.

Should that strategy REALLY surprise us? After all, a very similar strategy was spelled out in black and white, here:


Which brings us right back to the question in the title. Since all her excuses why she ‘didn’t’ say what she obviously said have since fallen apart…


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