If Your ‘Life Coach’ Doesn’t Prep You For The Afterlife, Then Walk Away PDQ

Written by Doug Giles on May 31, 2018

If you’re looking for ‘self-improvement’ is it the kind that will really matter in the big picture?

What are you looking for? Better ways to charm the ladies?

Looking for the latest exercise and diet combo that will let you grate cheese on your abs?

And then what?

You’ll eventually be the fittest corpse in the graveyard. Hurray for you. Isn’t there something better to live for than being just another annoying me-monkey? The world is packed full of those already.

Yes, there is… and that’s exactly what Doug and Rich are unpacking on their latest Warriors and Wildmen podcast.

Rich and Doug remove the gloves and throat-punch the ‘Life Coach’ industry that focuses on the inane versus the eternal. And we mean throat-punch. Share this with your inconsequential ‘mentor’. #boom

Fair warning… this is only for people who really want to live a meaningful life.

If you’re happy living a dead-end selfish loser life… you’d best not click play. It just might mess up that narrow little me-monkey life of yours.

You can watch the video, or if you’re on the go, and would rather bring the audio with you, that’s an option, too. We’ve got you covered.

You can redeem the commute, or listen at the gym by bringing the podcast with you in in the audio version.

You can listen on the website here.

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