On The National Day of Prayer – Let Us Pray The Imprecatory Psalms Against Our Enemies

Published on May 3, 2018

Go ahead, punk… make me pray.

It’s the National Day of Prayer. What are YOU praying for?

Peace, prosperity, and the general well-being of your family, neighborhood and nation? Sure, that’s all well and good.

But what are you doing about the OBSTACLES to those sorts of things? What are you doing about social media giants that think (in their words) a ‘civil war’ to force America to be ‘fundamentally transformed’, as one former President would call it into the likeness of California?

There’s a whole OTHER kind of Biblical prayer for life’s obstacles. The kind that would make a skinny-jeans-wearing hipster worship leader break a sweat, the kind that would put a grin on the face of a cowboy or patriot.

What are you doing about groups that are actively seeking to undermine the ‘free press’ by making sure that only their team has press cards, like Media Matters said in their ‘war plan’

Or what about other Social Media giants (you know, that guy who testified before Congress about Diamond and Silk) who is hiring Eric freaking Holder’s Law Firm to ‘advise on Anti-conservative bias’. You know… Eric Holder — who was put on retainer part of California’s Anti-Trump #Resist movement even before inauguration day, and was Obama’s self-described ‘Wingman’ through the Fast And Furious scandal.

Or what about the fact that the story about FB hiring him showed up via Bing, but not on Google, using the same search terms?

There are powerful forces aligned against life as we would live it (even Kanye has discovered that, lately) — Persecution: Crips Gang Called On To ‘F*** Kanye Up’ For Being Pro-Trump

Of course, by the nature of our content, we focus a lot on domestic politics… but it’s not all about politics, either.

For example — did you hear anyone talking about this story?

But we’ve got a special kind of prayer in our toolbelt for tough situations that seem beyond anything our meager efforts can move the needle on. A kind of prayer invoking the help of God himself in situations involving long odds and powerful foes…

It’s called imprecatory prayer. (Learn more about it here.)

It’s the kind of prayer where David called for the Lord to “break his enemies’ teeth in their mouths”, or that their battle plans come to naught. That their leaders trust the wrong advisors.

And it was told David, “Ahithophel is among the conspirators with Absalom.” And David said, “O LORD, please turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolishness.” — 2 Samuel 15:31

There is no reason not to use prayers like that today. Especially today, with open hostility toward all things Christian. The Apostles prayed from Psalm 2 the fist time they faced persecution. (Acts 4)

Maybe you heard about this story in North Korea? “North Korea nuclear test site has collapsed and may be out of action – China study”

It could have been a coincidence… sure. But it’s an argument from silence — one based on the circular arguments of atheism — to say it’s impossible that the sudden interest, awareness, and concern about nuclear rhetoric had nothing to do with that… shall we say ‘timely’… development.

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