NFL Sides With Trump: ‘America First’ On New Anthem Protest Rules

Written by Kevin Fobbs on May 26, 2018

Finally, America’s NFL pastime has been recaptured with solemn patriotism complete with standing for the national anthem. According to Breitbart, President Trump and millions of fans have been vindicated who were justifiably angered when players protested the national anthem by kneeling. A new NFL decision has put an end to the nonsensical display of this over-paid adolescent behavior. Or did it?

The so called civil rights protests began in August of 2106 when then San Francisco 49er second-string quarterback Colin Kaepernick launched his misguided protest. He chose to remain rseated while the national anthem was playing. He claimed at the time that he was protesting alleged police brutality. Yet Breitbart Sports reported at the time that the under-gifted quarterback said that he could never stand for the United States.

Unfortunately for the game, the hyper PC police of the mainstream media leaped to their feet and jumped on the story that gave fuel to the “Black Lives Matter”, race baiting, anti-police narrative.

Kaepernick, like far too many non-thinking and highly uncritical liberal-minded pseudo protesters decided to fully embrace the anti-police narrative. He explained at the time to NFL Media “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses Black people and people of color.” He went on to add, “To me, this is bigger than football, and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

Here is the harsh truth for the naïve former Super Bowl starter. They only thing lying in the streets in urban areas was the truth about tens of thousands of black-on-black crime victims. Somehow this NFL player who was collecting millions playing football, could easily overlook the real criminal slaveholders in the nation’s ghettos. The only infamy that was occurring there was the cries of mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers who mourned the loss of their loved ones and were purposely ignored by mainstream liberal media.

That is why, when Kaepernick took a seat for the national anthem, he was really taking a seat against the lives of the victims whose freedom died at the hands of vicious, animalistic ghetto killers. Yes, the oppression he imagined was not being perpetrated by white police officers who protect and serve. The oppression was created by dope dealers, gang bangers and the liberal press that protected their heinous crimes.
So, as Kaepernick kept to his unpatriotic sit down and kneeling against the anthem, dozens of his civic challenged NFL brothers on the gridiron joined in. Not a single solitary player interviewed could factually name and prove one instance of police brutality or murder. Yet these players took a knee against the one symbol that kept them free and secure against terror.

The fans decided that these players’ protests could be played both ways and they protested by abandoning games both in person and on television. In fact, Breitbart Sports reported, as each week passed during the 2016 season, evidence indicated that television viewers had begun tuning out at an alarming rate. NFL’s week five games ratings had plummeted over ratings from 2015 thanks to NFL player protests.

The harsh reality is that the NFL is a business. When people do not show at stadium games or viewership declines like the Titanic hitting an iceberg, they lose bushels of cash.

So where were the grown ups in the room to bring some sense of order to these nonsensical tirades by Kaepernick and his sideline sidekicks? Well, there was one adult in the room and it was then presidential candidate Donald Trump who called out the players who took a knee and also began to criticize the NFL for coddling the anti-American protests.

When President Trump took office, he turned up the heat on the protesting players and let them have it with both barrels. Breitbart Sports reported he emphasized, “Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, say: ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now. Out. He’s fired!’ They don’t know it,” Trump said as the crowd cheered. “They’re friends of mine, many of them. They don’t know it. They’ll be the most popular person in the country.”

As it turns out Trump was correct. The backlash against the misguided players’ anti-police and anti-specific protests was growing throughout the nation. Finally the league and its owners had to capitulate and on May 16 it issued an announcement: The Kaepernick saga was ending and the league reversed itself and stated no the field protests will be tolerated. Any and all NFL teams will be fined if players continue to protest during the nation’s song.

Leadership and firm protection of the nation’s national anthem could only be accomplished by the one person who was not afraid to take on the childish millionaires on the sidelines. Now the game can be played and the national anthem can be honored without outbursts.

Image: Excerpted from; Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA – San Francisco 49ers National Anthem Kneeling, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Kevin Fobbs
Kevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, widely published writer, and national lecturer. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries.