Progressives, And Their Curious Connections With The ‘Culture of Death’

Written by Greg Hopkins on May 2, 2018

“I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse. So, choose life in order that you may live, you and your descendants.” Deut.30:19.

Choosing life for me and my descendants logically includes making decisions that lead to self-defense. If I cannot defend myself and my loved ones in a home invasion, how can I pass on my genes, my beliefs, my skills and wisdom? If a nation cannot defend itself, how does it transmit its culture to the next generation?

Unfortunately, America increasingly embraces secular humanism; a philosophy that says that Mankind alone can rule itself, without any need for God. In modern times man’s autonomy is part of the philosophy of socialism. Socialism is the movement behind Progressivism, Liberalism, Fascism, Nazism, Communism, and, increasingly in the last 50 years, the Democrat Party. “There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.” Prov. 14:12.

You remember the Dems, the party that booed God at their 2012 national convention? Just this week a Pew poll on US religious beliefs revealed that many Dems: do not believe in the God of the Bible (55%), believe in a higher power other[s1] than the biblical God (39%), 14% believe in no deity at all, and 65% stated that they do not believe in an “all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving” God. “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” Ps.14:1. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Prov. 1:7.

The promise of socialism is a classless society with equal distribution of wealth among all; a paradise where all share. In practice, we get a small elite who profits, grows rich, and tells everyone else that their “equal” collective poverty and lack of opportunity is perfectly normal. We see Venezuela, once the per capita richest country in South America, now has citizens starving in the streets and flooding into neighboring countries to survive. This month Finland dropped its “guaranteed income for all” experiment as an expensive failure. This week we saw little Alfie Evans murdered by Britain’s National Health “Service”, which doesn’t have the funds to keep disabled infants or its very sick elderly alive. It needs the money after all, for transgender operations. One of the NHS directors said, “it wasn’t a killing, it was merely a proper allocation of resources.” Once again Churchill is proven right in saying, “Socialism is the policy of spreading misery equally.”

When we forget God, we lose respect for the life of individuals. “The Greater Good” is the Holy Grail. So, if a few must die while adjustments are made to “perfection”, so be it. After all, we’re talking UTOPIA here! Unfortunately, utopia is a Latin word that means “nowhere”, which is exactly where socialism has ever succeeded. In the 30’s, Stalin took one of the world’s great breadbaskets, the Ukraine, and turned it into a non-producing desert. He took ALL the wheat produced to feed city factory workers, while millions of Ukrainians starved. But as Rousseau, a spiritual founder of the French and Russian Revolutions said, “If a man will not consent to be free (i.e. live as society dictates) then he will be forced to be free.” Stalin obeyed Rousseau and Marx by “freeing” from this life any Ukrainian who resisted having his wheat stolen! At least 10-14.5 million Ukrainians were starved or murdered over five years.

The Culture of Death rules with US Progressives/Liberals as well. Walter Duranty, reporter for the New York Times, won a Pulitzer Prize for “reporting” that the man-made Ukrainian famine was a lie and that the Ukraine was rolling in wheat. Though he saw the bodies lining the roads, he admitted many years later, that he lied to protect the “Socialist miracle” of Stalin. Socialist playwrite George Bernard Shaw called Stalin “Jesus Christ come down to earth, and he has delivered the goods to an extent that seemed impossible ten years ago.” In all, the Lenin-Stalin team killed 20-40 million Russians before Hitler attacked in 1941. (For this and subsequent facts, I refer to A Patriot’s History of the Modern World, by Schweikart & Dougherty. (Sentinel Books, 2012.)

Under socialism, the State now determined who was valuable and who wasn’t, and thus who had “rights.” The Germans in the 20s came up with the designation “life unworthy of life”, along with studies of the cost of one “idiot” to the state, in order to justify sterilization and euthanasia of undesirables. This is the exact standard the Brits just used to kill Alfie Evans. How ironic that the Brits have now become the very people whom they defeated in the Battle of Britain and WWII.

Margaret Sanger, Charles Davenport, and Madison Grant led the US eugenics movement. They and British socialists said, “the wrong people” were outbreeding “the right (read, White) people.” Woodrow Wilson, as Governor of New Jersey, formed a “Board of Examiners of the Feebleminded” to decide who should be sterilized. While she was NOT pro-abortion, Sanger advocated: abolition of marriage, said Italians and Jews were “unfit to breed” (she also included Blacks in that assessment), suggested conservative and pro-life politicians should be assassinated, wrote pornography, stated that ”humanitarianism and altruism have produced a full harvest of human waste”, and was pro-Nazi, writing for their “scientific” eugenics journals until 1942. She promoted birth control for “inferior races”. “The mass of …Negroes breed carelessly and disastrously…resulting in that portion… who are least intelligent and unfit.”

So, in 2018 America, with our public education system captured by socialists for 60 years, and colleges for 40, and we wonder why we raise kids who are pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia. We have killed 50 million Americans in the womb since 1973, creating a callousness and general disregard for the value of life.

Think of the irony, the logical fallacy of socialism. At any moment from his conception up until the moment of his birth, socialism says that Alfie Evans’ mother had the right to kill him for any reason. Conversely, had Alfie’s parents withheld medical aid or food from him after he was born, they would have been criminally charged. The death penalty and assisted suicide are both illegal in Britain. However, once the State found that Alfie would cost them money and probably never become a productive citizen, Alfie’s parents had absolutely no legal or moral ability to stop his judicial murder by the State. The State would not even allow its arbitrary authority and murderous intent to be thwarted by Italy, which offered asylum to Alfie and his parents. Alfie had to die to make the State’s point that it has total, arbitrary control over the life and death of its citizens. Finally, the State threatened to prosecute those who used social media to protest its actions.

The hypocrisy of the socialist state goes further. In Alfie’s case, at least ten police officers were detailed to prevent Alfie being rescued by his parents or any Good Samaritans. These police were taken off patrol duties when their presence on the streets is needed more than ever. London’s violent crime rate rose 44% last year, topping New York City in total violent crimes for the first time this past March. “Gun crime” is up in a nation that has all but banned guns. “Knife crime” is out of control, along with acid attacks. Rapes and robberies are up significantly. The State claims it has total control of our lives, and yet cannot keep us safe (and are immune from suit if they fail to do so).

America’s 20 biggest cities have the highest violent crime rates. The common factors are: decades of Democrat control, and strict gun control. Again, they cannot keep citizens safe from crime, but refuse to allow them to defend themselves. They sacrifice lives to “the greater good” of a gun free society. Greater good for whom? The state, of course, which can control (but not protect) a disarmed populace far more easily than an armed one.

Lastly, consider individual Liberals and their embrace of Death Culture. How many “entertainers” have threatened President Trump’s life? How many Twitter twits come back at conservatives and pro-gunners with threats to kill them? How many Dem commentators and politicians have declared that all guns should be confiscated, and any who resist must be killed? What is it with Socialists and their wish to kill others? Do they even have souls? Do they HEAR what they are saying? As always, it is the mythical “Greater Good” that justifies their murderous hatred. With all these facts before us, how can any Christian support and vote for this Culture of Death? Ps. 139.

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Greg Hopkins
Greg Hopkins is a recovering lawyer, city prosecutor, police Use-of-Force law instructor, former city judge in two towns and criminal defense lawyer. He’s been teaching the Bible to teens and adults for 40 years. He now trains CCP holders and armed church security teams in self defense law. He also does expert witnessing in firearms and self defense cases. His book is A Time To Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism, on the Bible and Self Defense.