Right Or Ridiculous: Bongino Builds Case For What Mueller Is ‘Really Doing’ (Hint: Think Clintons)

Published on May 10, 2018

He is DARING mainstream media to disprove his points.

Commentary gets better when an ‘insider’ can really break down what’s going on. Athletes retire and go on to broadcasting. Lawyers give insight into complex high-profile cases…

And then there’s Dan Bongino. He was a cop. He served with the US Secret Service as an agent, then a trainer, and finally and was on security detail for not one, but Two US Presidents. (Dubya and Obama, if you’re wondering.)

So when he makes a ‘big announcement’ about something like the Mueller investigation, it’s worth at least hearing the guy out.

In his hour-long podcast, he made the case for why he figures this latest fingerpointing at Trump’s lawyer is part of a smokescreen. Mueller etc are not just gunning for Trump (although that’s part of it) but they are doing so partly as a head-fake to distract from what the Clintons have been up to.

He covers a lot of ground in his hour-long podcast.

We’ll summarize his case however well this format will let us.

The news was tripping over themselves with glee because they got to throw around the phrase ‘Russian Oligarch’ in connection with Trump’s lawyer.

Leaving aside the question of how the hell an ambulance-chasing lawyer to a ‘porn star’ had access to Trump’s lawyer’s personal information, and whether any crimes took place to make that possible… he breaks down facts.

The story centers around Viktor Vekselberg,, the Skolkovo Foundation and Victor Pinchuk.

Claim: Cohen is dirty, getting money from a ‘Russian oligarch’.

Bongino: No. This comparatively small figure (6 figures) is being chased so we don’t ask questions about the tens of millions of dollars connecting the same guy to the Clintons. And the fact that this same Russian Oligarch was INVITED to dinner at the Clintons’ personal home. (Email evidence exists.)

Also, don’t ask too many questions about whether they were a company Russians set up to secure modern tech — and Hillary helped them do business with many high tech firms (with many of those firms, in turn, donating money to the Clinton Foundation)

Building his case with these Clinton connections, he’s citing media reports from 2016.

PINCHUCK Another bait-and-switch ‘investigation’. What about Pinchuck, his connections to the Clintons, his possible violations of Sanctions, and