Watch: Liberal Hack Tries To Get An Anti-Gun Blurb From Santa Fe HS Kids – Epic Failure

Written by K. Walker on May 23, 2018

They just can’t resist trying to push that gun-grabbing agenda, can they?


In an interview with the Santa Fe high school baseball team, MSNBC reporter, Mariana Atencio, spoke to two teens, Trenton Beazley and Rome Shubert, that were shot in the horrible incident.

Of course, she brought up the Parkland teen activists and tried to get an anti-2A soundbite from the teens.

Never let a crisis go to waste, I guess.

She first spoke to Santa Fe High School student, Trenton Beazley.

ATENCIO: You think about Parkland. It happened in February. There’s been a national debate about gun safety and gun reform. What do you guys think should be done?

BEAZLEY: It’s just kind of hard to control some of this stuff. I just say you got to be kind to others. Because they could, you say one thing to one kid, and that could set it off.

I’m sure that response left her with more questions…

Especially one that plays for a team with such a politically incorrect name.

At least she didn’t berate the baseball players for wearing a shirt with their team name ‘Indians’, though it must have taken incredible restraint on her part to not mention it.

After Beazley’s thoughtful response, Atencio tried again.

This time she queried Rome Shubert.

ATENCIO: Have you heard what you want to hear from lawmakers, from the Governor, from your Senators?

SHUBERT: I haven’t heard much. But I’ve seen stuff about our school. Somebody said that they’re going to be donating metal detectors to our school. But I just think just simply locking the doors to anywhere, just locking the doors from outside, having the kids all come in one way, looking for suspicious things, locking the doors to every classroom. That would prevent a lot of things from happening.


They’re just saying reasonable things and not going to give her that soundbite that she so desperately wants.

One more try from Atencio…

Atencio tried to get them to become gun control advocates one final time, suggesting that they have a “responsibility” to become gun control advocates like their counterparts in Parkland: “We saw the teens in Parkland really become the voices of the movement for gun reform across the country. Now your voices have become all important. How do you feel about that responsibility on your shoulders right now, Trenton?”

Once again, Atencio did not likely get the answer she had hoped for. Beazley responded to her question by saying “It’s just kind of, you know, what it is. You know, it’s sad that it happens everywhere but, you know, you just kind of have to go through it.”

Source: Newsbusters

Is it their responsibility to become activists?


These teens held their ground and didn’t let the left take over the narrative.

Good on ya, boys!

Then again, should we be surprised?

This is Texas, after all.

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