Watch: Whoopi Says Trump Should Face Torture – CIA Bro Lights Her Up

Published on May 14, 2018

Whoopi likes to talk a lot of smack, but does she have a hot clue what the hell she’s talking about? This guy puts her in her place.

He should know, he’s Dr. Mitchell, the one who developed waterboarding in the first place.

He has an opinion as a psychologist, that Whoopi is just preening and value signaling in front of a friendly audience that would eat that kind of thing up.

Then he offers Whoopie a personal challenge.

Instead of HIM going to some far-flung and dangerous part of the world, how about SHE go instead.

If she has all the answers, SHE can go there and conduct the interregation of the prisoners in the kinder, gentler manner she suggests.

I’m tempted to completely dismiss it, but on second thought, maybe she knows how it’s done. The next time there’s credible intelligence of another catastrophic attack with the potential to kill thousands of people in the United States, maybe she could go to some unsafe place in the world and interrogate the terrorists and I’ll stay back home. I’ll stay safe with my family and I’ll criticize her like she criticized us. I think what she’s doing really is value signaling. I think she’s preening in front of an audience that likes her to show how much more … morally superior she is to us.

As for her throwing around thw word ‘torture’ with reference to waterboarding? Does she know how many civillians willingly went through it? In this video, he even mentions some women who undertook it.

Is it unpleasant? Absolutely. Is it a different category entirely from the sorts of things John Kerry reported in his infamous Winter Soldier testimony? Entirely different.

It’s a psycological strain, having human survival instincts create panic. Not a ‘broken bones’ or ‘starvation’ kind of strain.

The laws have changed. It’s not even on the table right now. Why is she bringing it up? Same reason they bring up almost any political topic. To praise Democrats and club Republicans. Regardless of the merits of a position, one way or the other.

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