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Church Takes A Stand Against Cops – Yes, We Said ‘Church’

Gee, how could this plan POSSIBLY backfire? (Hint: we don’t recommend anyone using their parking lot.)

There’s a backlash brewing in Cali over the police.

Standing on the front steps of First Congregational Church of Oakland late last month, Nichola Torbett issued a declaration.

“We can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on our communities by policing,” Torbett, a white church volunteer, said in front of churchgoers who held photos of African Americans shot dead by law enforcement. The church, she promised, would never call the cops again in nearly every circumstance. Dozens of members had agreed to do the same.

“How do police help? They often don’t,” Torbett later said in an interview. “So, especially as white people, why call them?”
[…] We need to be there as a community for one another so we can provide safety for our congregation without police,” she said. Pritchard said the ban wouldn’t apply if there was a shooting or other life-threatening violence. But nearly everything else is fair game.
[…] At most, a few dozen people usually show up for Sunday service. Members are largely lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer; about half are white. Its leaders are mostly women, many of whom work in nonprofits, social work and education. Because there’s no paid pastor, members take turns preaching and make all decisions collectively. It took around two years of planning before announcing the police ban.
The policy was first put on its website during Holy Week, when Christians recount the last days of Jesus’ life before his death and resurrection. “NO MORE STATE-SPONSORED CRUCIFIXIONS IN THE NAME OF ‘SAFETY,’” the posting said. The church likened today’s police to those who sentenced Christ to death.
Source: LATimes

Ok, wow. There’s SO much wrong with this picture. Where do we begin. The paper’s misrepresentation of the overall problem could be another post in itself. But let’s focus on this little group’s ‘grand announcement’.

‘At most a few dozen,’ parishioners you say? To which we’d ask, really… is it that many? Are you sure you’re not rounding up? Is it also a part-time yoga studio or something?

And they’re from all parts of the LGBT spectrum … what a shocker!

They are pretending to be concerned about racism. But they’re prepared to whip up hatred which will create more problems than it will ‘solve’ in the process.

Have there been instances in which individual police have gone beyond their training and used unjustified force that wounded or killed innocents? Yes. Undoubtedly.

And sites like ours have called for an investigation — and where appropriate, consequences — of the alleged infraction. This might be anything from suspension to criminal charges, depending on the situation. We called them out in situations like the corruption in Baltimore (not race-related):

WTH? Baltimore Cops Carried Toy Guns To Plant On People They Wrongfully Shot

Here’s what we said about that situation in Baltimore:

We support our cops. They earn our respect every day they go out there and face the worst society has to throw at us. Routinely facing danger, dealing with drunks, stepping in on domestic abuse situations, answering the call with suicide attempts. Showing up at the scene when texting and driving leads to a closed-coffin funeral. All of the stuff they show on TV, besides the long hours, the modest pay, and the strains on family life.

But all that goes out the window when a cop goes dirty.

Once you’ve crossed that line, you’re not just a criminal, but a traitor.

And for all we care, at that point, you can go to Hell.

Not to sugar-coat it or anything.

Likewise, we’ve called out the Minnesota cop that shot a tourist dead and the two cops that shot twenty rounds at unarmed Stephon Clark as he ran into his grandmother’s backyard… among other stories.

But here’s what we WON’T do. We’re not going to lie and say this is ‘Systemic’. To call it systemic is to lie about the very people who put their own lives on the line for not-so-much-money to keep us safe from the worst among us… sometimes attacked by the very people they’ve come to help.

Police Violence Against Black Men Is Rare

Now contrast that to what the crazies in this ‘Church’ are saying.

We recognize that Jesus was killed, not for anything he did, but for who he was, and we see the same happening to black and brown people today,” Torbett said. Still, “we’re still debating its limitations,” she added about the no-police agreement. Nothing has happened yet that would typically warrant a call to the cops.

Black people are dying to redeem people from their sins today? Because that’s why Jesus went to the cross. That and literally NO other reason. If you claim anything other that that, you haven’t any more clue about religion than you do about politics.

Purses and backpacks are stolen from their all the time. And they don’t lock their doors.

Of course, they still file police reports for stolen items… so that insurance will cover those thefts. They just do it at the station. (But police are bad.)

These dopes took a couple of high-profile stories — including the Starbucks Bathroom foolishness — and turned it into an example of how police hate brown-skinned people, are habitually unfair to them, and are part of the problem.

The article even cited some groups that misspelled police and courts in a derogatory fashion, including invoking the word “kkkourts”.

How about you stop pretending to preach the Gospel until you figure out who Jesus really is, and what he came to do, instead of making him a lame avatar of your favorite PC activist groups?

Here’s a pro-tip. Where Jesus is truly worshipped, He has a way of challenging any kind of sin — up to and including the hatred you’re whipping up against the duly appointed justice system which, even in corrupt Pagan ROME, God’s word called ‘ministers of God’ (see: Romans 13… if you dare!).

If you’re all tilting at this windmill, it’s a safe bet you’ve got no idea who he really is.

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