Clash Poll: Should Restaurant Be Boycotted For Banning Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Written by Doug Giles on June 25, 2018

What’s the next step after this?

You may have heard by now that the Press Secretary was denied service at a restaurant recently.

Notice, it was Lexington, not any restaurant of any similar name elsewhere.

The owners of the restaurant stood proudly in a photo with those ridiculous knit pink hats.

The President tweeted about the incident, no surprise there.

And other nearby restaurants with similar names are distancing themselves from the situation and making clear that they are unaffiliated with the restaurant in question.

Have a look at the thread to see just how hard people pushed in the ‘with us or against us ‘ bullying. Good for them for not caving to the pressure.

So now what?

Love. Riiiiight.

Hardcore leftists want their crowd to rally around that restaurant in much the same way crowds rallies around Chick-Fil-A some years ago.

Those who don’t like the precedent of ‘we don’t serve your kind here‘ entering our workplace have a choice to make. Will we double down on the partisanship that is becoming commonplace, or will we take the ‘high road’?

Milo was driven out of a restaurant in New York by angry leftists.

Government Employees from the DOJ drove out the DHS Secretary from a restaurant as part of an angry protest.

And now business owners are kicking people out of their restaurant.

At least the last one has legitimate authority to make that decision. The other two are literally ‘mob rule’.

For all the preening about how the right goes low, but the left goes ‘high’… it’s a load of crap.

First they define everyone they disagree with as ‘evil’.

Next, they treat them as unworthy of respect or civil discourse.

The steps that follow get uglier and uglier.

The distinctions between mainstream leftists, and Antifia rioters are getting dangerously thin.

So, do we trade punches with the leftists, launching active boycotts against business allies to ‘the Resistance’?

Should each side be trying to bankrupt the businesses the other side backs until someone cries uncle? That’s a Mutually-Assured-Destruction tactic. Some endorse that as a tactic to keep the bullies on the other side honest.

As one Yelp commenter suggested:

Just understand that there will be casualties in an exchange like that.

Do we hit their ‘yelp’ page with comments? That’s another option, but don’t expect that any comments made in the next few days will make a difference:

 “This business is being monitored by Yelp’s Support team for content related to media reports.” Yelp page

You could use Twitter to share your views:

Or do we make a mental note to ourselves to avoid people hostile to ourselves, and follow example of being decent, even to those who are indecent to you.

Which we could do by, you know, actually living out the moral high road Michelle and Hillary pretended to prefer… going high when the other side goes low — in REAL life, not just on camera.

It could be that all this outrage will be driving the sane voters away from the increasing extremism taking hold of the Democrat base.

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