Comey Says He’d Rather Live In Canada – We’re Thinking Prison Suits Him Better

Written by Doug Giles on June 25, 2018

He’d better make sure Canada actually wants him, first.

Comey is following Hillary’s footsteps, pitching his book, and badmouthing America in the process. He’s even joking at customs that he wishes he could say he was Canadian. Because he’s so damned ashamed of being American.

Even if he meant it as a joke, and a chance to tell the world how much he thinks America sucks (specifically Trump, not Obama who was doing the same things)… you can’t just show up on the border and say you want to be a Canuck.

And for Comey, there could be another wrinkle.

Criminal charges.

If you’ve got a criminal record, Canada doesn’t want you. Should that make a difference to James Comey? That depends on how the investigation into his leaks goes.

As much as he tries to tell the world how ashamed he is of America… that knife cuts both ways.
Americans are ashamed of him too.

Ashamed that someone in such a trusted position of power would put his own interests ahead of the country. Ashamed that he was so politically partisan. Ashamed of his corruption.

Ashamed that they put such an absolute douchebag into such a position of power.

But there is a remedy. Justice can still be served.

Turn Comey into a defendant, and let the chips fall where they may.