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Dear America: Here’s 10+ Truths The ‘Media(D)’ Omits Regarding ‘Border Children’

The sudden hysteria of the decade-old policy is now reaching fever-pitch. Here are a few things that you’re NOT hearing…

The Media (D) has been pushing this story now that they have nothing else to lose. It’s pretty obvious that hanging their hopes on Robert Mueller’s investigation into ‘Russian Collusion’ was a bad idea, the IG report exposed how the FBI under James Comey was rooting for Hillary and trying to undermine Trump, the Stormy Daniels controversy hasn’t cut into the President’s base like they hoped it would, and all in all, the country is doing well.

President Trump has started talks with North Korea and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. He’s negotiating trade deals that the Media (D) keeps spinning out of proportion, and the leftist leaning foreign governments are getting in a tizzy over — *cough* Canada *cough*.

But, the economy is doing well, unemployment is down, and in some categories — like for blacks and for women — at historic lows. People are enjoying the benefits of the tax plan, and are taking home more pay. Right now, life in America is pretty darned good.

It’s driving the leftists in the Media (D) crazy.

So, they’ve ginned up some outrage over some photos from 2014 and have painted the Trump Administration as monsters that separate children from their families and keep them in cages.

Here are all the things that are wrong with that narrative:

1. Trump Is Only Enforcing the Law

President Trump’s ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy that is being much maligned, is basically saying that he’s going to treat everyone the same and enforce the laws on the books.

When they say that he has a ‘choice’ whether or not to keep families together, the choice is actually to obey the law or to break it as Obama did when he released untold numbers of families that crossed the border illegally into the United States. That’s what ‘Catch and Release’ was all about.

2. Trump’s Only Choice Is to Separate Illegal Alien Families

Crossing the border illegally means that — just like with any other crime — you get put into the criminal justice system. In the criminal justice system, children and adults are housed separately.

We also don’t know if these are real families or children being sent ahead, or they’re being trafficked, or used as pawns by criminals to enter the country illegally. We just don’t know.

We have limited options in front of us:

– house adults in a detention center for children
– house children in a detention center for adults
– Catch and Release
– what we have now — separate detention centers, process the adults quickly and reunite the family as soon as possible for deportation.

3. The Left Wants Illegal Aliens to Enjoy Privileges Denied to American Citizens

If an American citizen commits a crime, they can’t take their kids with them to jail and the family is separated.

Crossing the border outside of a legal point of entry is against the law. It is a crime. Why should border crossers be extended privileges that American citizens don’t have?

4. Asylum Seekers Not Breaking the Law are Not Being Separated

Crossing illegally to seek asylum will land a family in detention centers and will result in the family being separated. If a family seeks asylum at a legal point of entry, however, they will not be separated because they have respected our immigration laws.

5. Trump Is Right About the Loophole

The 1997 Flores Settlement decree made it illegal to hold a migrant child for longer than 20 days. This leaves us with a handful of options — reunite the family and set them free to live illegally in America, or keep the parent in detention and foster the child with a foster family or with a relative living in America.

President Trump is choosing to not release the illegal immigrant families into the United States, and would rather speed up the asylum process as well as the deportation process. This would reduce the amount of time that families are separated.

6. “Reuniting” Families Would Be a Disaster for Countless Children

The only way to reunite families is with Catch and Release. This would be disastrous and dangerous for children.

The path from Mexico to the United States is dangerous, even more so for children. Throwing open our doors for families making that trek with children would only incentivize taking children along on the dangerous journey. Even worse, criminals could take children across the border, gain their catch-and-release status and then traffic the children when they make it across the border.

7. Obama and Democrats Incentivized This ‘Family Separation’

Before Barry’s ‘compassionate’ Catch and Release policy, the dangerous trip across the border was mostly made by single men. Now that word has gotten out that we won’t detain ‘families’, the incentive for children to be hauled on the treacherous journey was obvious — kids were a free ticket into America.

Unfortunately, many children are sexually assaulted on the trip to America.

Barry’s terrible policy caused an explosion in the numbers of children and young families making the journey to illegally cross the border.

8. Barack Obama Separated Illegal Alien Families, Media Said Nothing

U.S. Political Editor for the Daily Mail asks a fair and hard question with an obvious answer:

The answer? It was President Obama and now it’s President Trump.

9. IMPORTANT: The ONLY Way to Unite Families Is to Release Them into America

It seems like we keep coming back to this, but this is the truth.

The reason that the Media (D) won’t tell you this is because they’re leftists that want open borders.

10. Incentivizing the Act of Bringing Minor Children Across the Border Is Evil

The journey is incredibly dangerous with a hostile environment, and predators of both the human and the animal variety. It’s been reported that 80 percent of women and girls are raped on their journey to cross the border.

The numbers aren’t as high, but many children are also sexually assaulted on the journey.

Is it humane to encourage this?

11. Those Who Come to America Legally Face ‘Family Separation’

Our legal immigration system often requires family separation where one family member comes to the United States before bringing over dependants.

If that’s the case, wouldn’t this be a blatant slap in the face of those trying to enter the country respecting our laws and further incentivize illegal immigration?

12. “Family Reunification” Is an Invitation to Human Traffickers

Human smugglers are using children as a ticket into the United States because of Obama’s Catch and Release B.S.

Sometimes the children are being ‘recycled’ and used again and again to bring in more illegal immigrants.

13. Media Do Not Give a Shit About American Families Separated by Criminal Illegal Aliens

When an illegal alien comes into the country and commits a crime that results in the death of an American, do the Democrats care?

Those American families aren’t temporarily separated.

Where’s the compassion for those Angel Moms?

H/T: Breitbart’s John Nolte

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