‘Free Tommy Robinson’: Geert Wilders Rocks London – Demands Tommy Robinson’s Release In Epic Speech

Written by Doug Giles on June 11, 2018

Just when you thought London had forgotten how to speak up… the Dutch Rebel helps them find their voice.

The whole world is waiting to see what becomes of Tommy Robinson. And the locals are getting sick of the legal double-standards.

If any harm befalls him while in there, the UK could have a powder-keg on its hands.

After all — the Magna Carta, and many of the laws, rights and traditions that made the British Commonwealth (and yes, even America shares in that tradition, in its own way) is being shredded in the name of political correctness and fear of reprisal.

Geert Wilders spoke in a gathering in London. Judge for yourself whether this crowd has ‘found their voice’ over the issue of Tommy Robinson’s arrest.

The real irony is that the very injustices the government there is willing to perpetuate in order to ‘prevent Xenophobia’ will exacerbate racial tensions and divides. Bans on guns or knives won’t be enough quell the mobs if tensions ever do boil over.

History shows us that mobs are ruthlessly efficient at improvising weapons.

Especially when there are so many garden implements and cricket bats readily available.

You can’t ban everything.

Better to do the right thing eventually, than to stubbornly do the wrong thing and force the People’s hand.

Because the funny thing about Chaos is that you never quite know what’s on the other side of it when the dust has settled.


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