Hollywood Writer Threatens Donald Jr’s Little Girl – Here’s The 411

Written by Doug Giles on June 21, 2018

In an effort to one-up Fonda’s disgusting comments about sticking the President’s son in a cage with pedophiles… he made a personal threat against a baby girl.

You’d think the Feminists would be rioting in the streets over that. But no.

They were silent when Fonda made his nasty statements about Trump, his kid, and some women who work under him yesterday.

(Of course they were silent about that. Just like the ‘journalist’ who offered Bill Clinton the same sexual favor he got from an intern because he supported the ‘right policy’ on abortion.)

Oh, you’ve just gotta love that independent press!

It wasn’t bad enough they wanted to see bad men do bad things to Trump’s almost-teenage son.

Now they’re threatening his tiny 4-year-old grand-daughter.


So, let’s recap.

Roseanne’s hit show was immediately scuttled over a 2am tweet against Valerie Jarret that struck a racist nerve.

Some random Rodeo Clown wears an Obama mask as part of his act, and he was ruined.

But Peter Fonda threatens sexual violence against a child, calls for the harassment of entire schools filled with children, and uses violent and misogynistic language in several related tweets, and he not only will continue without any noticable impediment to his career (it almost looks like part of a marketing strategy to remind the public that he’s still alive and that Sony is about to drop a movie with him in it… after all, DeNiro got a ‘standing O’ for saying those two short words) but others doubled down on the original threat.

Like Pad Dussault didn, when Fonda got blasted by Don Jr.

Here’s his tweet preserved for posterity.

Now that he’s made his threat, he’s put the full measure of his courage on full display, here:

He gave the standard ‘attempt at humor’ boilerplate apology, too.

Sorry, Pat. No dice. Humor is funny.

That was undiluted hatred.

You’re just mad that so many others got away with it but you didn’t.

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