Movie Critic Says, Incredibles 2 Is An Unfunny Feminist Sequel You Should Avoid

Written by Doug Giles on June 25, 2018

The sequel was a long time coming. Was it worth the wait, or should the sequel never have seen the light of day?

Some sequels really pay off. Others leave you wishing you’d stayed home.

Critics are weighing in on the long-awaited sequel to ‘Incredibles’. And at least some are saying don’t waste your money.

Is he right or ridiculous?

The first film, for those who missed it, was a better flick than many of the ‘grown-up’ movies at the time. It was about mid-life crisis and family values.

The sequel, on the other hand, which Knowles compares to a reanimated corpse, rather than an animated film, was a disappointment.

Chronologically, the 14 years between films pass in the blink of an eye, as Incredibles 2 picks up precisely where the original leaves off. Ideologically, the two films couldn’t be further apart. Incredibles 2 trades eternal truths for fashionable cliché, betraying the central thesis of the original along the way. In this movie, Elastigirl is no longer the loving, suburban wife and mother who gladly traded independent adventure for the joys of family life. Never mind everything you watched poignantly unfold in the first movie. Now Elastigirl wants to fight bad guys on her own again. So she ditches her husband and children for the “superhero’s playground” of the city. That leaves Mr. Incredible to stay home with the kids, a task he hilariously bungles because wives are just so much more competent than their idiot husbands.
Source: Dailywire

So basically, they strip away the very things that made them such a heroic storyline in the first movie… and expect it to work.

It becomes just another men-suck parody.

Obviously, they’ve missed out on all the good things that men do, as chronicled here:

Dear Dads, No Matter What The Man-Haters Say, You’re Irreplaceable!

Did Knowles get it right? Or is this a great flick?

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